Prince John is the antagonist of the crossover movie The Grand Adventure. He is a lion who is the youngest brother to King Richard and the false king of Nottingham.

  • Character Information

  • Other Names - P.J. King John. The Prince

  • Personality - Selfish. Greedy. Spoiled. Childish. Mean Spirited. Rude. Wicked. Stupid. Intelligent. Hilarious. Cowardly

  • Goal - To take over the throne from his brother and marry Mewsette

  • Home - Nottingham

  • Friends - Bowser. Sir Hiss. Meowrice. Sheriff of Nottingham. Scar (cousin). Ratigan. Chernabog. Gaston. Cat R. Waul

  • Enemies - Jaune Tom. Robespierre. Mewsette. Goofy. Little John. Max Goof. Friar Tuck. Timothy Mouse. Phil the Chimpanzie. Roxanne. King Richard. Simba. Timon. Pumbaa. Nala. Pooh Bear. Tigger. Piglet. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. Timmy Brisby. Martin Brisby. Jeremy the Crow. Nicodemus. Tom the Cat. Jerry the Mouse

  • Minions - Sir Hiss. Sheriff of Nottingham. Meowrice. Shadow Cats. Bigfoot. Captain Crocodile. The Soldiers of Nottingham

  • Likes - Money. Power. Being called P.J

  • Dislikes - Not getting his way. Being humiliated

  • Fate - Gets knocked off a waterfall by Jaune Tom and drowns

  • Quote - My trap is baited and set - and then Revenge! REVENGE!

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