Project Infinity is a new show on Cartoon Network. It premiered on Friday, March 11, 2011, when the first four episodes were shown.


Project Infinity is a organic computer program made to save the human race. It is a data chip that when activated, will give humans invulnerability to disease, end war and crisis, and slo allo human to survive in the vacuum of space.

However, there is a .01% percent chance that it could ruin the race.

If it didn't ruin the human race, it wouldn't be much of a show.


Season 1: March 11, 2011 - presentEdit



The seires begins off showing two doctors working at the McCrystix Lab in Central Canada. They are developing what is knwon to the world as "the cure." The doctors call it Project Infinity. While amongst working on it the two men reveal each others names. They are Dr. William Jenson, PhD, PhD, Phd, and Dr. Scotty Iverson. Scotty says he has to go home for the night, and that he won't be back tomorrow, because off a fimily trip to England. Jenson goes back to work, and soon relizes that the temperature is above 50 degrees celcius. Since the chip can't handle temperatures above 50 degress celcius, the chip explodes in a nuclear explosion, destroying most of central Canada.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and Canadian governemnts fly in two special teams of trained men to ship out the backup data chip of Project Infinity. while on course for a McCrystix Lab in New York, NY, the plane is hijacked and its hijackers fly it all the way across the Atlantic to England, where Scotty Iveron is residing. The plane crashes directly into him knocking him out cold for 16 months. When he wakes up, he wonders how he is alive. He soon finds out that the data of P.I. has fused with him. He also remembers that Dr. Jenson told him about a possible doomsday scenario would occur if P.I. wasn't finished in 16 months, the exact time that he was out cold.

Premier Date:Edit

March 11, 2011


Dr. William Jenson, PhD, Phd, Phd

Dr. Scotty Iverson


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