Harry Potter. Harry Potter's twin brother Neil Potter is the boy who lived. Harry/Ginny


Harry James Potter awoke as the sunlight hit is his eyes, peering through the window. He moaned as he slowly got up, knowing to well if he slept in anymore.

His life was a total misery, and he and his family knew it. He was treated like a slave when people weren't looking, and was a social outcast.

He looked around the bedroom. It was very neat, and the books in the bookshelves were in perfect order of the Alphabet.

Harry heard screaming of joy and excitment coming outside. It was his and his twin Neil Sirus Potter's birthday, and Harry would stay in the shadows.

He went for a shower and turned the water on. His memorys started to file back as the hot water hit him with full force.

Ever since Voldermort had attacked him and his family, he tried to kill Neil. However, the killing curse backfired and it hit Voldermort instead. Neil was the only person to survive the killing curse. Since that day, he was treated as a slave.

As Harry dried himself and changed into his clothes, he went back to his bedroom. "Popkin", Harry said, and a tiny house elf apeared with a crack.

Popkin was the Potter house elf, and only her and Siruis Orion Black, his godfather, loved him.

"Master Harry called Popkin sir", she asked. "Can i have toast please Popkin", Harry asked politly. Popkin disapeared, and appeared again in a matter of seconds.

"Thanks", Harry said as Popkin disapeared. Harry finished his toast and left the plate on the bed. He picked up, How To Cast A Patronus.

A Patronus was a charm which reflected the dementors. A Dementor was a creature that sucked the happiness out of you, literally.

Harry looked at the mirror after an hour of reading. He had black messy hair and green emrald eyes, and had glassed. He sighed. He hated looking like his father and mother.

James Andrew Potter and Lily Rose Potter hated him for no reason at all. All because of Neil, they thought he was a nasty squib who did nothing but moan all the time and waste their time.

Harry raised his wand. He and Popkin had purchased one when his family were in Peru. "Expecto Patonum", and the happiest memory he came up with was when Siruis got him a cat. Cookie.

To his surprise, a phoneix bursted out of his wand. "How can that happen", he mumbled. You couldn't get the form at the first try.

"Oh my god", someone behind him whispered. Harry turned around. There was a small girl with long flaming red hair and had chocolate eyes and freckles.

"Who are you", Harry asked. "Ginny Weasley", she whispered. "Can you not tell anyone what i did Ginny", Harry asked. Ginny nodded.

"Who are you", she asked as she sat on his bed. "Harry Potter", he said. "The twin of Neil", she asked. Harry nodded.

"I don't like that much to be honest", she said. "I know. I hate him as well", he frowned. He was always a little bit jealous of Neil, but he much would rather prefer books and smarts.

Soon, Harry and Ginny got along with each other. Harry tried to help Ginny with the Patronum charm. She had managed a whisp of light.

"The book says this is pretty good for your first try", Harry said. Ginny snorted. "Hell, you beat me", she muttered. Harry grinned.

"Ginny, we are leaving", came the voice of Ginny's Mother. "Ginny, can you promise me something", Harry asked.

"Sure". "Can we become friends forever", Harry asked.

"Friends Forever".

Diagen Alley

It had been a couple of years since Harry and Ginny became friends. Harry had a reason to be happy, and he and Ginny were inseparable.

However, the sad thing was that Harry was leaving Hogwarts. Ginny was a year younger than him, so she couldn't come until her second year.

Harry, Siruis and Ginny were at Diagen Alley. Neil was having private lessons with Albus Dumbledoe, and his parents were there with him.

"So what first kiddo", Siruis asked. "I want another wand", Harry said. "The wand back home can be a spare", he said. "Okay".

The three entered the shop, and Ollivander walked up to him. "Oh hello Mr. Black. Your wand was 3 percent dragon heartstring and 8 and a half of unicorn hair", he said. Siruis nodded.

"Very well. What children is it", he asked. "The boy", Siruis said. Harry and Ginny nearly bursted out laughing. Ollivander was a very weird man indeed.

"Right, lets get going", Ollivander gave him a wand. Harry waved it around, no sparks. He remembered the fact that his old wand was the twin brother of Voldermort's. Maybe he didn't have the power for a new wand.

Soon, they gave up, and Harry suddenly relised Ollivander didn't remember him purchasing the wand. He told Siruis and Ginny this.

"Something might have happened. He always remembers people's wands", Siruis said.

Harry and Ginny rushed to the bookshop, Flourish and Botts. They quickly purchased Harry's books, and Harry bought a spare, Phoenix History.

"Where's Siruis", Ginny asked. They spotted him with a cage with a snowy white owl inside. "I bought this for you", Siruis said and both beamed.

"It's a she", Harry asked. "Yes". "She's beautiful", Ginny whispered and Harry agreed. "What are you naming her", Siruis asked.

"Do you like the name Rowena", Harry asked. 'Rowena' hooted happily, and Harry opened the cage. "Do you know where Potter Manor is", he said. Rowena nodded and she flied away.

"She's amazing Harry", Ginny said. Harry could only nod. "Trust you to call after one of the most geekiest witch in history", Siruis joked and Harry mocked offense.

Harry soon relised it was time to go. After saying goodbye to Ginny, Harry and Siruis left. Harry opened the door, and saw Dumbledore grinning.

"Hello Siruis, Harry", he said. Harry ignored him as he walked away, running upstairs. He walked in the room and saw Hedwig by the window still, and Cookie was sleaping in his bed.

Harry sighed as he heard the front door opening. Father, Mother and Neil were back, tanned and excited that they were back home.

The Train

Harry waved as the trian started to move. He saw Ginny running to catch the train, half laughing and half crying, her hair flying behind her.

Harry turned around, and relised he had to find a carriage. Going with Ron was out of the question. The Twins would prank him, even though they liked him enough, while Percy was being a spoiled brat.

He finaly found a compartment with one boy and one girl. The boy had a round face, and looked awfuly shy. The Girl had brown bushy hair with rather large teeth.

"Hello, can i sit here. Everywhere else is full", he said. The girl nodded. "Who are you", she asked. "Harry Potter", Harry said.

"Brother of Neil Potter. Fasinating, what is he like", she asked. "He's spoiled, and he, along with my parents, treat me like a slave", he said. The girl paled. "Sorry".

"No it's okay", he said. "What is your name", he asked, hoping to change the subjext. "Hermione Jean Granger, and this is Neville Frank Longbottom", she smiled.

"Hello Neville", Harry said. "Hello Harry", he mumbled. "Harry do you read books", Hermione asked. Harry nodded. "Have you read Hogwarts: A History and Goblin's Wars.

"Yes. Hogwarts: A History, over three times, Goblin Wars, five", Harry said. Hermione smiled. "Well, have you read..."

That was how the conversation went from there. Harry and Hermione got along well, but Neville was too shy, but that was okay as he did mention a couple of things.

"Oh look, want to share some of the chocolate frog Gran left me", Neville asked. Hermione shaked her head and Harry nodded.

"Oh look. Dumbledore", Harry said. He read the contents outloud, and Neville said he had eight of the dumbledore cards.

"Look who it is here", someone said. The Three popped their heads up. "Malfoy", Harry sneered.

Harry had heard from Ginny that she and her father Arthur was at the Ministry. Malfoy's father, Lucious, commented on Arthur's lack of money and how they needed to sell Ginny's hair.

Malfoy and the two boys behind him flew back, and the three hit their backs against the wall. "Accidental Magic", Harry whispered.

The rest of the trip went without incident. Harry heard Neil and Ron brag about Neil's friends, which contained him, Ron, Lavendar Brown and Partival Patil.

As the first years got changed and sat on the boats, they saw Hogwarts for the first time. This is Home.

The Sorting Hat

"I read that the roof is charmed to look like the nightsky", Hermione whispered to Harry and Neville. Neville raised a eyebrow and Harry tried to hide a laugh. Even he wasn't that inerested in small details.

"Oh look, the sorting is about to begin", Harry whispered. Proffesor McGonagall put a hat on the stool, which bursted into a song.

After the song, McGonagall yelled, 'Abbot, Hannah'. Hannah ran up to the stool, sat down, and McGonagall put the hat on her head.


Lavendar Brown was the first Gryffindor, and Hermione's name was called out. She quickly ran, and nearly tripped. The hat yelled, "Ravenclaw", after a couple of seconds.

Neville's turn was up. Harry and Hermione were upset that he was placed in Gryffindor, but none the less pleased he was sorted into a house he would like.

Harry's turn, and there was whispers. Harry knew it was because of his twin, but he just shrugged and the hat was placed on him.

Well well well. First time since the founder's age themselve, you have all the traits.

As i suspected.

Ahhh, you seem polite, you can pick your house.



Harry ran and sat next to Hermione. The feast apeared, and both of them enjoyed themselves. Neil was placed in Gryffindor, along with Partival and Ron.

They were led to the Ravenclaw Common Room by prefects Andrew Quill and Zara Kim.

The Room was amazing. It was covered with bookshelves, and the painting was dark blue. There was a potrait of a eagle diving to the sea and then fly back up.

Harry, along with the boys, were led to the dorms. Harry said goodnight to Hermione, and both went to their bed. Harry saw Rowena, and he found a parchament and picked up his Quill.

Dear Ginny Weasley

I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Surprise, huh. I made friends with Hermione Granger, who was also sorted into Ravenclaw, and Neville Longbottom, who was sorted into Gryffindor. Neil, Ron and their two friends were sorted into Gryffindor. You should have saw Neil's face. It was if he was placed king of the wizarding world.

I'm going to find some alone time to work on my anamigus form, and i will teach you when you will arive, or during the summer. I better write a letter to Sirus.

From Harry Potter

Harry put the sheet aside, and he picked up another.

Dear Siruis Black

Sorted into Ravenclaw, i made friends with Hermione Granger, another ravenclaw, and Neville Longbottom, a Gryffindor. Neil, Ron and their friends were sorted into Gryffindor.

From Harry Potter.

Harry had nothing else to say, so he told Rowena to deliver the letters in the morning, and he fell asleap, waiting for his first day.

First Day

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