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Dark Future if Autobots lose the war

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taller than Ashoka but smaller than Anakin

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100% Robot

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Transformers Wars





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Police Car

Cyber Key power class="infoboxcell" style=";

" | Shoots powerful Acid Pellets Arming himself with powerful vulcan cannons which breaks armor in his police car mode

Stealth Force Mode

Arming himself with powerful vulcan cannons which breaks armor in his police car mode

Prowl is quiet, competent, and very loyal, but perhaps his most valuable trait is his almost endless patience. Once Prowl is assigned a task, he will keep at it until it is accomplished. He works with proven facts, not imagination or guesses. If he has any doubts, he will radio Optimus Prime, his commander, before proceeding. He hates doubts in any form, and he strives to make everything he encounters reasonable and logical. He believes it only when he can explain it. On a personal level he is friendly, but not too sociable. He's a listener, not a talker, unless someone says something unreasonable. Then he will demand an explanation. He likes to use the Siege Tanks and their siege mode abilities and the GDI juggernauts long range attacks.


Prowl is one of the Autobots that helped liberate Coruscant from the evil Sith Legion. Later he got his battle computer damage and had to link up to another one to survive. His partner is Tomahawk. During a fight on Hoth he was petrified by Gigatron when the Autobots attempt to team up against Gigatron but was later unpetrified after Gigatrons defeat. During the battle of Korriban he was badly injured like most of the Autobots and was taken to the Ark for repairs. At the end of the Transformers Wars Prowl was hailed as a hero on Cybertron.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's vision of the future Prowl was killed by a Death Troopers cannon. As he died he said "If only we have acted sooner!".


Prowl has the most sophisticated logic center of all the Autobots, giving him the ability to analyze any combat situation almost instantaneously and then advise on the optimal course of action. For example, Prowl can observe 800 moving objects, compute their probable paths of movement, and determine the proper countermove in .05 seconds. From his shoulder cannons he can shoot wire-guided incendiary missiles that reach temperatures of 12,000 degrees Centigrade upon explosion. He also carries a semi-automatic rifle that shoots pellets filled with a highly corrosive acid. Its range is 300 yards.

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