Psycho: A Revenge is 2012 American horror film and is directed by Mick Garris. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Daveigh Chase, Maggie Grace, Carla Gugino, Dennis Quaid, Natalie Portman, Ellen Wroe, Dakota Fanning, Matt Lanter, Sean Faris, George Lucas, Mark Hamilton, Bradley Cooper, Chace Crawford,


He is returns for this movie and this time Mark Wahlberg play Norman Bates. Norman kidnapped his 17 year old great cousin Rachel Bates, Rachel's family found out Rachel goes missing but they did not know Rachel was kidnapped by Norman but not Juilanne, Rachel's mother, she know Rachel was kidnapped by Norman.



  • Mark Wahlberg as Norman Bates
  • Daveigh Chase as Rachel Bates/Norman's great cousin
  • Maggie Grace as Leanne Connor/Rachel's friend and a woman who Norman in love with her
  • Carla Gugino as Juilanne Bates/Ryan's wife and Rachel's mother
  • Dennis Quaid as Ryan Bates/Norman's cousin and Rachel's father
  • Natalie Portam as TBA
  • Ellen Wroe as TBA
  • Dakota Fanning as TBA
  • Matt Lanter as TBA
  • Sean Faris as TBA
  • George Lucas as TBA
  • Mark Hamilton as TBA
  • Bradley Cooper as TBA
  • Chace Crawford as TBA


Rachel begs Norman to let her goEdit

  • Rachel: Norman, Norman.
  • Norman: Don't you look at me.
  • Rachel: You look like your mother.
  • Norman: I kill people and make my mother kill people.
  • Rachel: I caring to you.
  • Norman: What do you know about caring?
  • Rachel: I know everything about caring and...
  • Norman: And what.
  • Norman: Come on, and what.
  • Rachel: And I begs you to let me go.
  • Norman: Are you make me stupid?
  • Rachel: No.
  • Rachel: Norman, why you keep skeleton of your mother or my great aunt.
  • Norman: I love her and I wanted to kill people and dress as my mother.
  • Rachel: Let me go.
  • Norman: No, I will show you to not tell everbody my secrets.
  • Rachel: Are you crazy, I mean it let me go.
  • Norman: No way.
  • Rachel: To what, wait when the police find me.
  • Norman: Yes for long time.
  • Rachel: Norman are you crazy, the police try find me for 3 days.
  • Rachel: How I survived from here?
  • Norman: Survived, is no way, you survived in here.
  • Norman: By the way, I in love.
  • Rachel: With who?
  • Norman: Your friend.
  • Rachel: Leanne.
  • (Door close)
  • Rachel: (Scream), I will fucking get you to hurt Leanne.
  • Norman: I not go to hurt Leanne, I will hurt you.
  • Rachel: I need to get out of here.
  • Norman: You are not.
  • Rachel: You are asshole.
  • Norman: No, you are asshole to leave to die.

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