"Yo! Ahuh! Richie Nix!,

Five years I was ya'll president,

After Lyndon, before G.Ford

Now imma tell you my story,

Pug Life homes! Let's go!

Yo! Lets rewind back to January 9, yo, 1913!

Yorba Linda, Cali! My hometown dawg!

Grad from Whittier, Richie Nix

I was in da navy too!

Then in 1969 I became yo 37 prez!

But I had some problems, Nam!!

Whatta I do?

I made it better with da more soldiers!

Uhuh! Pug Life homes!

Then I opened relations with China, and detente with Soviet!

Yo don't be talkin' me bout Watergate, homes!

I didin do that ****! Peace! Ahah!"

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