Punchfaced is a alternative rock band from Seattle, formed in 1992. The current line-up consists of Christian Mendels (vocals), Louis Christoff (lead guitar), Charlotte Marlowe (rhythm guitar), Leo Mitchell (bass), and Tim Lieven (drums).

Formed in the same scene as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Punchfaced released their first album; Waste, in 1993. The album reached #2 on the Alternative Rock Charts, largely due to single "Cancer". A few months after the album's release and subsequent tour, bassist Jordan Kieb committed suicide at his home in Seattle. The band recruited Leo Mitchell to fill in the void of Kieb, and toured for three years at numerous festivals including Lollapalooza, before they released their second album, Placental, in 1996.

Band members

Current members
  • Christian Mendels - vocals (1992-present)
  • Louis Christoff - guitar (1992-1995, 1996-present)
  • Charlotte Marlowe - rhythm guitar (1992-present)
  • Leo Mitchell - bass (1993-present)
  • Tim Lieven - drums (1992-present)
Past members


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