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Pure Evil is the second album from American thrash metal band Chemical Asphyxiation, released on March 7th 1984 via K.I.L.L Records. It is the band's debut on the label and also their first album with the artwork produced by John LeMar. The songs "Fucking Brutal" and "Ripped To Pieces" where banned in the USA for sometime; before edited versions "Crazy Brutal" and "Ripped Up" were released, much to the band's anger and disgust. Chuck Griffith said in a 2001 interview "The kids loved both those songs; we'd played them on like 50 shows before we even recorded the album. The media's just scared of anything remotely confronting!". It is preceded by 1982's Crushed Into Submission and followed by 1987's Chemical Warfare.

Album artworkEdit

The artwork for Pure Evil, the first done by John LeMar, depicts all the band members lined up to the executioner's axe; with Chuck Griffith himself being beheaded. The executioner appears as a demonic being; and the songs "The Executioner" and "Behead'dead" are inspired by the artwork.

Tracking listingEdit

Original and UncensoredEdit

  1. "Fucking Brutal" - 5:45
  2. "Behead'dead" - 4:25
  3. "Ripped To Pieces" - 6:30
  4. "The Executioner" - 7:03
  5. "Evil Eye (Taboo)" - 3:15
  6. "Sharpen Your Axe!" - 5:00
  7. "Headtaker" - 4:32


  1. "Crazy Brutal" - 5:45
  2. "Behead'dead" - 4:25
  3. "Ripped Up" - 6:30
  4. "The Executioner" - 7:03
  5. "Evil Eye (Taboo)" - 3:15
  6. "Sharpen Your Axe!" - 5:00
  7. "Headtaker" - 4:32


  • Chuck Griffith - vocals, lead guitar
  • Neil Griffith - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Nick Martinez - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Rob Crete - bass
  • Chris Nathan - drums

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