The Purists or Arians hail from the Aries constellation of the Milky Way Galaxy, they are strikingly humanoid with many reptilian and insectoid features aswell.

History Edit

Pre-History Edit

The Purists originated around 1 Million years before Earth was born on the planet Dartmoor in a system located somewhere in the Aries constellation. For the first 4 to 5 million years they evolved into a civilised society and quickly established society and with another several thousand years were colonising other systems and other constellations, Along the way running into a rival race, the Scorpions.

The Arian - Scorpion War Edit

The Scorpions had traveled all the way from Scorpio to establish colonies here, and The Arians did not approve. The Scorpions then began destroying their colonies, making many attacks on their homeworld. The Arians fought vigorously, but eventually their homeworld was destroyed. The Arians were forced from their home constellation and went into hiding on the outer rim. For the next 1,000 years the Arians spent their days creating powerful watching instruments to watch The Scorpions, who eventually disappeared altogether from their constellation. While watching, The Arians noticed a solar system revolving around a single star, unlike theirs which revolved around 6. They then noticed a race flourishing, known as Human beings.

The Formation of The Zodiac Edit

Frightened of what the Humans were doing to their colonised planets, and their own homeworld, Earth, The Arians talked to other races, and formed what became known as The Zodiac to observe Humanity and make sure they did not do anything rash, for another several decades the Humans flourished beyond measure, and soon, they began colonising too far for comfort, and so they set off to have a council with the Human leaders, The High Embassy as they called themselves, and afterwards began the Inter-Species War.

Physical Statistics Edit

The Purists, as the Humans call them, are taller and more slenderly built than Humans. Their skin is generally a pinkish white color, but mostly a greyish silvery color. Because their homeworld is scorching hot, too hot for any human to survive on, they have thick callouses overlapping on their skin, shoulders, head, and limbs. Their head is enlogated sometimes into a point, and they have human-like lips, eyes, and facial features. Their eyes can be green, brown, orange, red, blue or black, and are set deep into their skull. Their nose bridge runs vertically down their face, sticking out, generally with a hole through it, and their mouth is covered by lips, and their teeth, when bared, usually in aggression, are sharp and pointed, and like that of a shark, have many rows. Their tongues are thick and rubbery, like ours only shorter, and they can smell from march further away than a human. Their homeworld is much larger than ours and so has a greater gravitational field, so, Purists are much more powerful, fast, and resiliant than Humans and have much more endurance and stamina, it can however be debated as to whether they are more intelligent then Humans, some individuals perhaps, such as their leaders. They have much greater bone density so they in turn weigh more than the average 160 pound human, weighing in at 370 pounds on average, and in their armor can weigh over a square ton (1000 lbs). They stand, on average, around 7 foot no inches, and can lift over 50 tons, around the same as a Titan 1 super-soldier. They are by no means the strongest or the fastest race but are one of the most intelligent, rivaling that of even the super intelligence of the Oracles, and their strength cannot be compared to the Fiends, who can lift an upwards of 80 tons on average and can run much faster.

Trivia Edit

  • The Purists, many of their physical statistics are like that of the Aliens or Predators off of the AvP series, and their traditions are like that of the Predators from Predator or the Elites from Halo.

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