Puritanical Orgy Demo is the first recorded material from British grindcore/goregrind band Insulated Corpse Syndrome, a side project of Chris Northwood, the guitarist for Van Helsing. The demo was recorded at vocalist George Iven's makeshift recording studio, and contains three songs which found their way on the band's debut album I.C.S: Devoured By Half-Dead Succubi later in 2001.

Track listing

  1. "If I' am A Cunt, Than What The Shitfuck Verminpussy Are You?" - 1:22
  2. "Fistful of Maggots Up Your Dirty Pussy" - 2:00
  3. "Social Rape" - 1:14


  • George Ivens - vocals
  • Chris Northwood - lead guitar
  • Kurt Nivenstein - bass
  • Craig Ryiend - drums

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