Harry Potter. Hermione Granger goes to Hogwarts. Muggleborns are getting rounded up and are treated like slaves, along with Harry Potter. Will Hermione and Harry escape Hogwarts and free the other slaves.


Tom Riddle, A.K.A. Voldermort, looked at the dying man and smirked. His plan had worked. Kill Dumbledore, and take over the school.

It had started when he broken into the school, and killed Minerva. He had witnessed Snape injure Dumblerdore, and Voldermort had done the dirty work.

He had came back due to the help of Wormtail, one of his servants. Wormtail had exchanged his own blood to Voldermort. He Wormtail died in the process, but he didn't care. His main target was to get Harry Potter.

Meanwhile, Hermione Granger and her adoptive brother, Harry Potter, were watching an video when they heard an noise downstairs.

"Wonder who it is", Hermione muttered. Harry had been adopted when they found him abandoed on the street. Petunia and Vernon Dursley were sued heavily, and they were forced to give up Dudley Dursley, their child.

"Hermione, Harry", came the voice from Megan Granger, their mother. They ran downstairs and saw an woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing Green ropes.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Potter, i am Samantha Lestrange, an teacher of Hogwarts school for wizarding Wizards and Witches", Harry and Hermione gasped.

"Is this some type of joke", asked their father, Brian Granger. "No, Mr. Granger. I will show you magic if you would like". Samantha raised an wooden stick, and pointed at the table.

It turned into an cat, and Hermione and Megan screamed. Harry and Brian paled. "I will show you an broucher about Hogwarts and how to get in".

After an couple of hours, Hermione and Harry were desparate to get to Hogwarts. Samantha said her goodbyes and left the house. "Unlucky bastards", she muttered.

All the muggleborns were going to get rounded up in Hogwarts, including Harry. They were going to be treated as slaves, and so the house elfs will be fired.

The purebloods wil pick one of the 'mudbloods', as she called it, and have them as their slaves. The only way to escape Hogwarts was to leave for the holidays, and never come back.

She was an pureblood, so she will pick an servant. She wanted to pick Potter, but Voldermort clamed him. She might pick Lavendar Brown, another mudblood.

One Fight Fight Fight For Life

Hermione and Harry looked at their parents and Hermione bursted into tears. "I'm going to miss you, so much", Hermione whispered. Harry nodded.

"Me too", Megan hugged Hermione and hugged Harry. "Good luck", the parents said in unison. "Bye", Hermione wiped the tears away.

They gave their luggage to an man and were about to get on the train when they heard an man call out "Miss Hermione Granger and Mr. Harry Potter".

Harry and Hermione walked to the man. "Yes", Harry asked. "In here", he said kindly. Too kindly. They both got in the carriage and Hermione gasped.

There was an girl, gagged. Befour Harry and Hermione turn around, the man quickly pushed them to the floor and slammed the door, shut.

Harry tried to untie the girl while Hermione had an pannic attack. "I can't breathe", she whispered. Befour Harry could reply, they heard footsteps.

Hermione and Harry hugged each other. They were both terrified. "I can't believe this", whispered Hermione. She let out an tear.

The door opened, and an coloured boy was pushed into the compartment, he was crying. The door slammed, and they heard chuckles outside.

"What's going on", the boy asked. "We don't know", Harry replyed. Then they heard sobs coming from the gagged girl.

"Sorry", Harry whispered as he untied her. She hugged him as soon as she was free. "Thanks. I'm Lavendar Brown", she introuduced herself. "I'm James Brown".

"This is Hermione Granger and i'm Harry Potter", everyone but Hermione gasped. "What", he asked. "You killed You-Know-Who", Lavendar stated.

"We know. I read about it and i told my parents, who told Harry. You see, Harry was adopted by us", Hermione explained. They heard an thud outside the compartment.

"What was th-", and they relised, the train was moving. Hermione screamed as they heard screams coming from outside the room. And then nothing.

They didn't know that the entire Weasley family, were dead, all except Ronald Weasley.

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