Universe Street Fighter
Appears in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Everything vs. Everything
Debut Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Availability Confirmed

Q is a infamous fighter found in the Street Fight Game; "Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike". He is a detective who wears a trench coat, fedora and a steel mask.


Many fans of EVE questioned why would they choose Q, problably the least well-known character from the Street Fighter Series, out of them all. They answered back; "We put Q because Capcom didn't really need him anymore," he quoted, "Another 2 reasons why is to bring him back and we are trying to lure Capcom into giving us the license to all of their Street Fighter Characters."

They also said that Q would be a low-tier character like in 3rd strike, and he will fight like a Tekken character since he doesn't have powers like Ryu or Ken.

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