Quarantine 2 is the sequel to Quarantine. Takes place right after the first. Angela survived and relises there is an group of people searching for any survivors. However, Angela and the group relise the millitary simply won't let them out and are using them as hamsters.


Angela is seen dragged away and then she manages to tackle the zombie. She decides to abandon the camara and runs out of the attic.

She then sees that everyone is now infected. She manages to grab an handgun and manages to kill an zombie. She runs into an apartment and locks the door.

She then hears noises and slowly opens the door. She sees a group of soilders looking around. Angela screams and they see her. They say they are looking for any uninfected people.

The group members are Jeff, Harry, Lisa, Noel and Terry. When Angela is locked in an room for her own saftey, They search for any survivors and are attacked by the zombies.

Noel is bitten and they all run to the room where Angela is. Angela trys to shoot Noel but is slapped. However, Noel turns and kills Harry.

The others run out and are chased by the zombies. Angela and Lisa are separated by the other two and decide to go through the sewers again as Angela has the keys.

Jeff and Terry head to the attic where they are killed by the zombie girl and zombie Scott. Jeff is eaten by the girl and Terry shoots himself.

Angela and Lisa start to run through the sewers but are chased by zombies. Angela trips Lisa and manages to get away.

Angela is seen by an man emergencing from the sewers and gasping for breath. She quickly locks the door and collapses crying.

Just then the millitary come and they grab onto her and the man. They are put in the van and the man reveals he is Frank. Angela reveals what happened and they fear they might get killed.

They wake up and relise they are locked in an lab and relise it was the Millitary who managed to get the zombies inside the apartment and helped the preist.

Angela and Frank are horrified when the soilders come and start shooting at them. Angela is next seen as an zombie running to an group of men in the street, revealing the outbreak has spread.

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