The events of this tale take place ten years before Shiloh Wallace's seventeenth birthday.

Ten Years Ago

The grave robber emerges from the mist; as he tells the tale to his black market friends.

GRAVEROBBER-"Ten Years ago we all fell in debt. Ten years ago we all fell for the scam. Ten years ago all our loved ones wept. Ten years ago we all were targets for the REEEEEPOOOOOO MAAAAAAAAN! We fell behind, but there was hope,someone stood up for the lowlife scum. Someone arose from this horrible scam. One man tried to defy the ignorant and dumb. One man tried to kill the REEEEEEEPOOOOO MAAAAAAAAAN!"

This is my Job

The scene flashes to the streets of the city, a woman runs for her life. Her chaser remains in the shadows. She trips and falls, her chaser is revealed; the REPO man. He slahses her chest open with one precise slash. He continues to cut until he pulls out her left lung. He leaves the body and proceeds with his business. He puts the lung onto his medical case, he proceeds to travel by rooftop. As he makes his way home, he looks out on the city.

REPO MAN-"Another day, another death, another life, another breath. What is better than taking those breaths away. Nothing is better than this way. This is my job, nothing can change that. It's just a job, not one I want but it's a job. Don't cry like a spoiled brat, it's my job!

The REPO man walks onward, he spies another one of his targets. He is alone in the streets. The REPO man swoops in for the kill, he jumps from the roof and onto the man. The REPO man continues to sing as he slashes away.

REPO MAN-" You, you keep me in work. You! You don't settle your depts. You! You make this hurt. You! You make to many bets, next time don't bet your life."

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