North East High is a Role Play based around Biblical and Jewish beliefs. The story is there is a school that attracts alot of dangerous people. For instance every time an Angel falls they fall to this city. The city is North East City, Sub-Urb of NYC. A new child of a Fallen Angel and a mortal has come forth and it his his job to lead the Fallen to a better future.


Gerald: Son of the Alexander and Hannah. Age: 16. B Day: Feb 29 (Played by Shadow Gamer)
Alexander: Falen Angel/Brother of Jordan/Husband of Hannah. Age: 28. B Day: Feb 29 (Played by Shadow Gamer "Exclusivley")
Hannah: Mortal who gave birth to Gerald. Age: 26. B Day: March 16
Jordan: Brother of Alexander. Age: 29. B Day: Feb 29 (Played by Shadow Gamer "Exclusivley")
Callin: Gerald's class rival. Age: 17. B Day: ???
Sarah: Gerald's Love Interest. Age: 16. B Day: May 13
John: Gerald's Best friend. Age: 16. B Day: June 7

Add Onto List Before Putting Them Into RP Please. U Do Not Need Permission To Add A Character. Please Ask Before Using Another Person's Character. Please Only Regularly Play Characters Of Your Gender. RP Will Start Soon.

Book 1: The Prophecy


January 13, 2010 13:33

Unknown Area

???: Leader, there coming!
"Leader": Who?
???: The Fallen...
"Leader": We'll just have to deal with it then won't we.


North East High School (AKA NEHS)

Mrs. Hoppermens: Ok Class take ur seats.
Sarah: (leans over and whispers something in her boyfriends ear)
John: (runs into classroom late) Im sorry im late. It was just that i was caught in traffic and all...
Mrs. H: Just take ur seat.
John: (takes seat) Yes Ma'am.
Gerald: (whispres) Glad i didnt ride with u today.

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