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MJC100 & 0reoReflex212

S-984 00:10, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

--Celtic22☤ 21:19, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

A.J. two 16:50, April 22, 2010 (UTC)

RaidenX (returns one more time to get his revenge) 19:24, 2 May 2010 (UTC)


The rules are simple. It's just like the original RP: Total War that S-984 made with the exception of this.

  • IT ENDS IN POST 100!

Winner(s) So Far

No Mercy.


If a character dies and/or leaves the battlefield, his/her name will be struck out, showing that the character in question is no longer fighting. If a character should come back (only if they leave the battlefield), his/her name will be un-struck

  • Mack - 4
  • Raba - 0
  • Planet Blood Aliens - 1
  • 984 (and squad) - 3
  • Owlman - 0 (Unknown)
  • Mary's Blood - 0
  • Ultimo X - 4
  • No Mercy - 5 (Clone died)
  • Jade Wong - 1
  • Darrus - 0
  • Mischief - 0
  • Red - 0 (Clone died)
  • Nimbus - 0
  • Darth Psychotica - 0
  • Darth Raiden - 2



After the first one of Total War the characters all get back to their regular homes.But Mack and Mike was kept in the warzone.Fighting Planet Blood Aliens.Mack4life


Raba had sensed something. An old friend of his, Mack was in trouble , so he headed to the portal to help him fight the eneimes. MJC100


Mack says "So why you came back Raba?"Mack4life


Raba says, "I can't leave a soilder, a friend, behind. So let's whoop some alien butt!" MJC100


984 was walking down the beach-head. He was moving silently and swiftly. Everyone had left, and his main goal was finding the MJOLNIR armor, from where he could portal back to Paradise and get the Runner to carry it to the Warzones main area. He walked, two swords on his back. He didn't know what would happen next. S-984 00:11, April 21, 2010 (UTC)


When Mack,Mike,and Raba kills all the Planet Blood's aliens.Mike says "So we gonna do this war again?!"Mack4life


Raba says yeah, and they continue on fighting. Raba tell Mack and Mike that there is a mountain that they could use as a base. Meanwhile, on the beach The Owlman has traveled to the Warzone by a darkness portal. Owlman is looking for S-984. MJC100


Mary's Blood joins the battle and openly declares war on everyone.--Celtic22☤ 21:19, April 21, 2010 (UTC)


Raba had been with Mack and Mike who were still fighting the Planet Blood Aliens, but had seen Mary's Blood who had joined the war yet again. MJC100


Before anything else could happen, Darth Raiden and his top soldier named Crucifer enter the battlefield, with Raiden saying, "Here's Raidey!"

RaidenX 00:20, 22 April 2010 (UTC)


While in the base of Ultimo X (who wasn't in the warzone yet) where Ultimo X was working with Red until he sensed the presence of Darth Raiden. Ultimo X left through the portal without hesitation and went after Raiden.

And on the beach-head, another portal came with the newcomer, No Mercy had stepped through. No Mercy was ready for anything.



But Darth Raiden came prepared and summons humongous scorpions with tough golden armor that can deflect any lightning attack. He sends them to attack No Mercy, while he orders another few to attack Ultimo X.

RaidenX 02:10, 22 April 2010 (UTC)


No Mercy was walking on the beach and found two humongous scorpions that tried to attack him. No Mercy had thought this was a joke and went up to the scorpions and sucked and sucked the life force out of both of them. He then continued with the journey.

MJC100 and bro


Crucifer appeared before No Mercy and sliced him across the chest started to defend himself just incase.

RaidenX 02:43, 22 April 2010 (UTC)


The slice attack didn't work because he is electricity, just in a human form.

MJC100 and bro


Raiden appears and drains most of No Mercy's electrical powers and summons more golden armored scorpions to find and kill NM snd UX's allies.

RaidenX 03:12, 22 April 2010 (UTC)


No Mercy ran despretly to the desert were he gained the solar enegry and then fought off the scorpions and says to Raiden, "You really think you could do something like that, I'm not Electrops, I'm totally different.

Meanwhile, Ultimo X has defeated most of the scorpions he was facing and senses No Mercy. He runs to the desert, and finds No Mercy, Raiden, and his scorpions a and says to Raiden, "Uh-oh, Raiden, you're about to die today!"

Aother meanwhile, Raba, Mack, & Mike are still fighting the Planet Blood Aliens, Mary's Blood, and now Raiden's scorpions.



However Raiden had other plans. He turned into Dark Raiden, flew up to the sky, created a complete strong barrier around the island that no one can at least try to escape from, and created an indestructible 1,000,000 ft. Spirit Bomb. He then orders tons of scorpions to at least trap or kill X and his allies, before sending the bomb straight to the island. Figuring that they might survive, Raiden teleports somewhere where the heroes cannot detect him.

RaidenX 04:29, 22 April 2010 (UTC)


Everyone on the island looked up to see what was happening. The Owlman had now went up to 984 and was ready to fight him. Raba, Mack, and Mike still battled Mary's Blood and Planet Blodd Aliens.

Ultimo X and No Mercy ran so fast that they had already made it before Raiden could put the barrier.

MJC100 and bro


A newcomer Fos came to warzone to kill mack and mike because the army told him to so they made him to a fox!When Fos was in the warzone he landed in moutains.Meanwhile Mack and Mike leaved Raba fighting the Planet Blood aliens.When fos sees Mack and Mike fos says "Remember me guys?"Its Fos and I need to kill you BOTH!"Mike gets out his 2 pistols and trys to shoot Fos but Fos dodges those bullets with his knife.Fos then kicks mike in the stomach and throws him to Mack.Mack then gets his AK-47 and trys to shoot Fos but then he shoots his brother Mike in the head and Mike dies for GOOD!Mack then says "GOODBYE B!!CH"Then Mack aims to Fos' head and shoots him...BUT Mack ran out of ammo and drops the gun in the floor.Fos then says "GOODBYE B!!CH"And they fight!Mack4life


Ultimo X and No Mercy had to find Raiden and kill him once and for all. Ultimo X smelled for Raiden and followed the sent while having to fight the Planet Blood Aliens ships.

MJC100 and bro


Jade Wong returned to the battle - a favor for Ultimo X - and was instantly attacked by one of the scorpions that Darth Raiden had summoned. It was no match for her superior skills, however, and was easily defeated. Nearby, two young men, Darrus and Mischief, were traveling along a road when they were confronted by Jade. Awaiting the (re)arrival of Nimbus Alto, the three decide to team up when more of the scorpions head their way.

A.J. two 16:50, April 22, 2010 (UTC)


Just then, Crucifer appears out of no where and slashes Jade, Darrus, and Mischief on their backs, and summons many more giant scorpions to attack them, while the million ft. spirit bomb touches the whole island, ready to blow within minutes.

RaidenX 21:15, 22 April 2010 (UTC)


As 984 sees the battlefield evolve around him, he sees the Owlman swooping towards him (he's an owlman so that's what I'd imagine him doing). He immediately takes out his F3000 assault rifle and opens fire, sending a full clip towards the Owlman. He looks in his Inv for the teleport beacons that will allow him to bring the Portal Gun to his current location. Once set to "Emergency" it'll autoteleport back to his fandom. S-984 21:46, April 22, 2010 (UTC)


Owlman had slashed 984 across the chest but then taking a full clip shot into him.

Ultimo X and No Mercy see the million ft sprit bomb landing on the island. No Mercy sees Raiden and flies up to him and does a million punch combo on him. Raiden swings at him but misses (due to No Mercy being so fast) and Mercy says, "Come on, you got to move faster then that", while Ultimo X laughs.

Meanwhile, Raba unites with Jade, Darrus, and Mischief to fight Crucifer.

MJC100 and bro


[[1]] = Music that's playing during this

Enraged, Dark Raiden absorbs Mercy's lightning powers once more. He then grabs him, headbutts him, scratches his face, and slams him to the ground. Raiden then cuts Mercy's right leg and grabs his face to disintegrate part of his face on the spirit bomb. Mercy begs for mercy, but Raiden refuses to forgive and stomps on his heart so hard. He grabs him again to give him some more 10-ton headbutts. Raiden stabs Mercy with the Master Saber, gouges his eyes, and tosses the body into the spirit bomb, causing it to explode in a matter of seconds.

RaidenX 23:20, 22 April 2010 (UTC)



No Mercy managed to escape because he dashed out of there with his lightning speed and grew back his arm and leg by using electricity. No Mercy gave him billons of hits in the front while Ultimo X gave him billions on the back.

MJC100 and bro


Mack beats up Fos but doesn't kill him and looks up in the sky.Fos then sees Mike's 2 pistols in the floor so Fos gets one and shoots Mack in his leg then Mack falls to the river and gets out with his broken leg.Fos then sees Ultimo X and No Mercy beating up on Raiden...He then trys to shoot No Mercy but aims wrong a shoots Raiden in the Face and he is dead for GOOD!Mack4life


Meanwhile Mack sees 3 Planet Blood's Slappers coming his way and he gets out his .44 Automag Pistol shoots all 3 of them FAST!Mack4life


(I was meant to die, but I actually came up with this before Mack posted my death message. If I die one more time, then goodbye to all of you) [[2]] = Music that's playing during this (starting from 00:54)

But an explosion was seen when the blast shot Raiden's face, and out of the smoke, Raiden jumps out after going into his own psyche. Raiden, with a blasted bloody face, gets pissed off, unleashes his full power of rage that no power can able to defeat. As he's so mad right now that he grabs No Mercy's face, bashes it onto a boulder before tossing Mercy into Mack and they both crash into a wall. Raiden, still enraged, creates a strong barrier around them and beats up No Mercy for 17 whole minutes with blood covering up the whole barrier. (Similar to how Kratos killed Zeus)

RaidenX 00:57, 23 April 2010 (UTC)



"I'm not human, you're bashing has no effect." Then, No Mercy goes to his all powerful form and the different colors of electricity sworms around him. No Mercy socked Raiden in the face, kneed him in the stomach, and kicked him the ribs so fast it looked liked it was going in slow motion. Then socks Raiden downward, starts punching his face in a whole 2,000 times in five seconds and kicks him down and does an electric grenade bomb smaller then his fist, throws it at Raiden and shoots out so much electricity, that he recieves 2,000,000 volts per milisecond and lasted 2 min.

Meanwhile, Ultimo X helps up Mack and asks if he's ok and then goes to see what happened to No Mercy and Raiden.

MJC100 & bro


[[3]] = Music during RaidenX's farewell (1:08-1:36) Raiden is still injured and mad that he drags No Mercy underwater. And as the first villain to do so, as he is drowning No Mercy, Raiden sacrifices his own life by creating an explosion that summons floods to consume the world, while also destroying No Mercy in the process, as water can defeat electricity. While that happens, the spirit bomb explodes, consuming the whole battlefield.

RaidenX 01:16, 23 April 2010 (UTC)


No Mercy powers down and punches Raiden clean in the face.

While that happened, Ultimo X turned into Water X and stopped the floods from destroying the world. Then, as No Mercy got dry, he used his full power, gained as much solar power energy that he had, jumped in the water and created an electricity nuke and it blkew up so far, anything that had water on it started to get shocked, allies had taken minimum damage.

Water X had gotten Mack, Fos, Raba, Jade, Darrus, and Mischief out of the water. 984 and Owlman had not been seen.

MJC100 and bro


[[4]] = Music that plays during Raiden's disappearance (3:17-4:13)


Unbeknown to them, the collapsed Raiden is no longer under the water. Rumors may be that he actually lived and wandered off similar to this scene: [[5]], but not before placing infinite powerful poisonous stuff on No Mercy.



In the lab of Red, Mack and No Mercy are getting healed up from what has happened to them while the others fight the Planet Blood Aliens.



Mack gets healed and he goes to help his friends kill the planet blood aliens when he finds them Fos says "I dint kill you?"Mack says "No man but we need to work as a team so what you think?"Fos says "We all need to win then!"Then Fos gets Shoot on his head by the weapon Green Aim from the Hammer!Fos dies and his last word is "WIN!!!"Mack then says "YOU PLANET BLOOD ALIENS ARE GOING TO DIE!!!Mack4life


Jade thanked Water X, who had now reverted into his Ultimo form, for saving them. At that moment, Nimbus Alto, the man whom Darrus and Mischief were waiting for, reached the battlefield for a second time. Jade joined the three of them as they set off to see the damage that Darth Raiden's bomb had done to the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Darth Psychotica, Darth Raiden's former apprentice, was still wandering the battlefield, when she spotted S-984 and Owlman fighting. They looked looked behind her, and she turned around to see the blast from Raiden's bomb. All three of them are presumed dead, but you never know.

A.J. two 14:15, April 24, 2010 (UTC)


984 had taken a slash across the chest when the Portal Gun appeared on his leg.

As the Spirit Bomb's explosion consumed the battleground, he Portaled into the Warzones.

A few seconds later, he portaled out near the location of his MJOLNIR armor, and found it. Quickly reattaching it, he then used the gun to portal to Ground Zero, where everything was sterilized and the MJOLNIR's climate control was the only thing keeping him alive. S-984 22:28, April 24, 2010 (UTC)


Mary's Blood sends all their forces to attack 984. --Celtic22☤ 23:15, April 27, 2010 (UTC)


Realizing that he is now alone on the battlefield, and under attack, but realizing that he had suffered MASSIVE losses in the first war, and not willing to call in new attackers, 984 breaks some Active Camo and heads to a safe place to use the Portal Gun.

Why? To collect some new soldiers... battlers of the future which alone could turn the tide of the battle. S-984 20:34, April 29, 2010 (UTC)


As night came, Darth Raiden teleports into Red's lab and shoots special permanent water he got when he was fighting underwater inside of No Mercy and on his body so that he will never be all lightning again and will never be dried off. Raiden then stabs Mercy with every single lightsaber he has, including the Master Saber. Raiden pulls them out and summons an ice dragon and the creature freezes the entire battlefield with its icy breath.

RaidenX 20:03, 2 May 2010 (UTC)


Shortly after the battlefield was frozen, 984 returned. He carried with him four advanced soldiers from another fanon. They were equipped to kill silently and not leave a trace.

However, they wanted no more part in this war. Their main goal was finding the way out of this mess. As Mary's Blood attacked, their tanks must have been surprised to see around 12 mini-missiles fly, three targeting each tank, hitting them with excruciating force. The soldier ran at the same speed 984 ran, and they had permanent optical camoflague and heartbeat sensors and sound detectors to find enemies. Their escape was all that mattered at the moment. S-984 20:38, May 2, 2010 (UTC)


Raiden stormed Red's base while piercing Red through the heart with the Master Saber. He sabotages the reactor core, while placing another type of strong barrier around the whole place at the same time. He teleports out of the base while it explodes in the process.

RaidenX 21:26, 2 May 2010 (UTC)


Jade and her group saw a giant wave of ice heading towards their position. They barely escaped with their lives as the wave froze the entire battlefield. Later, as the sun came up, they saw 984 and his squad finishing off the Mary's Blood tanks near their position. Jade, who knew that 984 was a good guy, ran over to help him and his squad fight off any stragglers; there were none. She and her group joined with 984 and his squad in fiding a way to escape the battlefield, after seeing an explosion in the distance.

Meanwhile, on a sad note, Darth Psychotica was caught in the ice blast and froze to death. A.J. two 18:39, May 4, 2010 (UTC)


The soldiers almost fire upon Jade and the group until 984 thought, "Hold fire."

He then looked at Jade. "Got any ideas about how we're getting outta here?" S-984 01:28, May 5, 2010 (UTC)


While the lab exploded, Ultimo X had seen it and was devestated and had went after Raiden.

Meanwhile Red had saw when he was going to join 984 and says, "I'm glad that my decoy was in there." While No Mercy comes to him says, "Come on, we have to go."

MJC100 & 0reoReflex212


Darth Raiden was no where to be found however, and somehow disappeared.



Sledgehammer had managed to pinpoint an exit. They were 50% of the way to the portal to their fanon. It would take a few more minutes and they would be dropped directly into Cocoon, where they'd be able to use interportacular devices to return all to their proper fanons.

Mary's Blood did obviously complicate the issue further, what with the soldiers, but it did almost zilch to stop the team as they moved. S-984 03:25, May 6, 2010 (UTC)


Jade and her group kept close to 984 as he moved swiftly through the Mary's Blood soldiers, who could do nothing but die by the hands of the eight heroes. Suddenly, Jade saw the body of Quin, Raiden's former apprentice. The air was cold, and the unsettling chill that was abound in the air.

"Who would do this," Jade asked to Quin, already aware that she had passed on. Jade closed her eyes, noting two small specks in the distance that seemed to be growing at intense speed. Jade was suspicious, but she returned to the group before they got too far ahead. The specks were Red and No Mercy. A.J. two 01:04, May 8, 2010 (UTC)


984 simplay stared at Quin's corpse. "He's exactly like Palpatine in The Force Unleashed. He's killing off his apprentice for new or better ones."

As Red and No Mercy approached, Scalpel picked them up on his sensors. "Unknown bogeys, clocking in two clicks from here, closing at untrackable speeds." 984 promptly did the charging handle on his SC3000, and ordered the Ghosts, "Alright guys, do your thing. If they're evil, shoot on sight." S-984 21:30, May 8, 2010 (UTC)


No Mercy had said, "This is my stop I'll see ya." and No Mercy ran and disappeared. Red had then approached 984 and the others and said, "Well hello, I'm Red of the United States Air Force and Navy, and I would like to join it you're group to get the hell out of here."



Just out of nowhere, Darth Raiden teleports right in front of the real No Mercy and stabs him multiple times through the heart and the head with the Master Saber, as a giant armored scorpion impaled Mercy through the stomach. He stared at the corpse, took it with him, and teleported somewhere else again.



(Oc: Raiden, No Mercy isn't human! Just pure electricity.)

No Mercy says, "Son of a bitch!" and shocks Raiden to his knees and says, "I don't have time for your stupid little revenge tricks and ran off where no body could find him.

MJC100 & 0reoRelfex212


Raiden had another plan, and destroys most of the landscape with Ultimo X, SPARTAN-984, Jade Wong, and their allies were. After that, he absorbs all of X's and Jade's powers, and floods the planet with water that leads way up to the sky with no land. He teleports out into space to do one last thing.



"You're really fucking funny Raiden!" says God X. And God X then says, "You just cannot let you're defeat go can you? Well that's to bad, because you're about to get you're ass whooped!"

God X charges up to Raiden and shocks him with lightning and then brings him down back to Earth and slams him making a nova bomb go off and nearly killing Raiden. God X says, "And don't try to use that master saber because it has no use!" and then God X summons his ultimate moves, The Body of God. He then slams his fist down making God's fist coming down upon him.

Then keeps on doing that for a couple of minutes and finally stops and looks at the bloody body of Raiden and leaves.


Utilizing an amazing skill, 984 channels all armor energy into a large-scaled Bubble Shield for five seconds, and then seals his suit. Using the Portal Gun, he manages to get people rebreathers. The Ghosts already have them. Once finished, they simply tread water.

In the meanwhile, 984 simply said to Red, "Hey, you wanna get out of here, that's fine with us. We're three-quarters of the way and we're almost dead, we're doing fine." S-984 01:33, May 12, 2010 (UTC)


As it seems, the spirit of Darth Raiden comes up, and reverts God X to his normal, and weak form. The spirit then goes into Ultimo's body, making him bleed from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Raiden's spirit drains all kinds of blood and powers from Ultimo X, then grabs his head, and crushes it, before stabbing him with the Master Saber. After that, Raiden sends the lifeless Ultimo X burning in the sun.



As Ultimo died, the ragtag group finally reached the portal. A few taps from Sledge and it was open.

984 had a bad feeling... as he shot at the Mary's Blood soldiers, he urged everyone into the portal.

He worried he wouldn't get out in time. And even if Raiden, in his alternate universe, was reduced to far below what he was capable of here, he was still competent and could wipe out Cocoon in an instant.

He had clones of the Ghosts set up. If they didn't get out in time... 984 would destroy the portal. For the protection of his multiverse. S-984 20:42, May 13, 2010 (UTC)


As Ultimo X burned, he appeared in Heaven and was before God. Ultimo bowed down and God spoke to him saying, "Ultimo, you haved died and now one of your lives is used up, the other eight muak be used wiesly. Now g o and defeat Raiden once and for all."

Ultimo X then was still in the sun burning and No Mercy comes and grabs him out of the sun and then No Mercy says, "YES!!! The solar power! It's giving me energy."

No Mercy then became in most ultimate form yet while Ultimo X turned into God form, but when he got into that from, he had the stregnth and powers of all his forms. No Mercy and God X then formed togwther and made Mercy X. Then they said, "It's all over now Raiden!"

Then went up to Raiden 's spirit and body and had demolished it from existence, and then flew up and formed an giant element ball with electricity, water, fire, earth. ice, etc. and then formed it around the sun. Raiden flew up to Mercy X adn sliced them with the Master Saber three times thinking that he was dead and looked up and saw that he didn't kill them and saw the slices regenerate in a milisecond and then Mercy X said, "Is that a joke?!" Then threw the giant elements and sun ball at Raiden making bones fall to were S-984, Jade, and Red were while Red saying, "Damn, feal sorry for him."

MJC100 & 0reoReflex212


Darth Raiden was sent to the underworld where the Devil was. Before he could be stuck with him forever, he grabbed onto a captain, and purposely sent him down to the fires. There, he absorbed all of the powers of the underworld, leaving Satan powerless. Raiden returned to the surface, and went somewhere unknown to make one last, revenging move.



984 had finally gotten everyone into the portal. He continued to shoot at the Mary's Blood soldiers, while readying his Wrecking Crew armor for a final fight in case it was needed as the Ghosts exited. S-984 17:49, May 15, 2010 (UTC)


With everyone safely inside the portal, 984 placed a single three-second timed C4 block and jumped through. As the portal was destroyed, the entire team found themselves on Cocoon, near the Universal Cannon, which would fire them off to their seperate dimensions. 984 and the Ghosts stayed, as this was the Ghosts' home universe, and 984 was the maker. S-984 18:13, May 23, 2010 (UTC)


Jade stood next to S-984 as he started up the Universal Cannon. She knew that it didn't matter what they had just done; Raiden would come for them, and he would kill them when they were least expecting it. But, she still could rest knowing that that day wouldn't come now. She said her last goodbyes to Darrus, Mischief, and Nimbus, and watched as they were transported back to their own dimensions. She now turned her attention to 984, who was motioning for her to leave. She said her goodbyes to him as well, and she found herself back home, with the rest of Omicron waiting for her return. She smiled; when Raiden came, they would be ready. A.J. two 03:09, May 31, 2010 (UTC)


As Jade was fired, 984 immediately gave out orders.

"Alright, some final orders before heading to Warzones. Guys, man up and get every defense system online: if Cocoon comes under attack it will be destroyed, but I need you guys to put up a fight should it happen. Scalpel, set up an early warning system, if Cocoon comes under attack we'll get time to prepare. Sledge, man the cannon, I'm going back."

984 found him back in Warzones. S-984 20:56, May 31, 2010 (UTC)

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