Real Name Raba Tapika
Height 6'11"
Weight Unknown
Resides Earth
Origin Earth
First Appearance Ultimo X
Species Mutated Tortoise
Allies Ultimo X



Enemies Any of Ultimo X
Weapons Fists
Fighting Styles Wrestling
Alignment Good

Raba is an genetically enhanced turtoise made by Dr. Ammo. He is a loyal friend of Ultimo X and Christina, also best if friends with Red.


Raba was once a tortoise living a tortoise lifestyle. But one day, Dr. Ammo captured him for science experiments and then was turnde into a 6'11" monster with armor. Ammo didn't want to take care of him, so he handed him over to Ultimo X. Ultimo X excepted and has been a loyal companion always ready whenever he needs help.


  • Super Strength, enough to lift up the biggest of buildings.
  • Can roll into a ball and use this to attack.
  • Has shard claws.
  • He gets powerful off of elecricity.

In Ultimo X Fighter


  • (Coming Soon)


  • Eat This!
  • You should be a challenge!
  • Haha, this'll be easy.
  • Fight me.
  • Let's finish this.
  • Super Punch!
  • This ain't your day, pal.


Ultimo X Series

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