Name: Rai Hyuga

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: 11th

Occupation: Knight of Five, Original Knight of Six, The Dog

Partner: Light Yagami, Leon Starks


Rai is a Nobody that was placed into Ashford Academy to spy on Dark and Fuma. He also works for the Britannia Army as one of the Knights of the Round Table. He is a member of the Kagami club. Rai's mission is to spy on the humans and give information to his planet. Rai also doesn't work well with partners. He actually killed his last partner (Though he made it look like his partner died in an accident).



Rai's neass ability is to turn any part of his body into steel. He mostly uses his arm as a steel sword.




Mirage has built-in smoke bombs that if you inhale one will get trapped in an illusion that shows your biggest fears. It can last in the highest temperature (Like Lava or steam) But cannot work well in cold temperature.

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