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Rambo film series
Creator: Sylvester Stallone
Films: Filmography
Most recent film: Rambo
Website: Official Website

The Rambo film series is a series of Rambo films, and other films. They all take place in Burma, United States, Pakistan, Russia, and more.

Films Edit

Rambo series Edit

  1. First Blood (1982)
  2. First Blood Part II (1985)
  3. Rambo III (1988)
  4. Rambo IV (2008)
  5. Rambo V

Genocide Wars Edit

  • Dialogue
  1. Rambo: The Genocide (1988)
  2. Rambo 2: Genocide Wars (1993)
  • A New Generation
  1. Rambo III: Death Wars (2000)
  2. Rambo IV: Blood Stained (2004)
  3. Rambo V: War Is at Hand (2006)
  4. Rambo VI: Blood Stained Again! (2008)

Rambo's History Edit

  1. Rambo's History: The Dark Ages (2005)
  2. Rambo's History 2 (2008)

Rambo: The Beginning Edit

  1. The Beginning (1990)
  2. Rambo: The Revolution of War (1997)
  3. Rambo: King of War (1999)
  4. Rambo: Last Stand for Justice (2006)

Crime-fighter Edit

  1. Rambo: SWAT (2006)
  2. Rambo 2: SWAT Team (2009)
  3. Rambo 3: SWAT Vs. Biker Gangs (2012)

Rambo Edit

  1. Rambo Vs. Predator (2006)
  2. Rambo Vs. Alien (2007)
  3. Rambo Vs. Predator Vs. Alien (2008)
  4. Rambo Vs. Predalien (2009)

Rambo in Other media Edit

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