Rambo series
Rambo 2: Genocide Wars
Series: Rambo (film series)
Running time 84 min.
Budget 5,000,000 USD
Gross revenue $12,234,298 total
Preceded by Rambo: The Genocide
Followed by Rambo III: Death Wars

Rambo 2: Genocide Wars is the American sequel to 1988 action film, Rambo: The Genocide. The film continues off where Rambo is at Katie's funeral. The film was directed, Produced and Written by Sylvester Stallone. This was the last film in the Dialogue series of Genocide Wars


The film begins where Rambo is at Katie's funeral, and as he has a flashback where he killed her, he then decides to return to Burma, then as he returns, the General returns, apparently alive, he is half-mechanical, he is mutilated, and is almost dead, as Rambo then hides, he then finds his beautiful friend, her name is Stacy in English, and he finds her incredibly attractive, and as he then hides in a tree, and watches her, soon, they find him, and he is on the run, then as the General decides to let him go, but just once. After Rambo runs away, he then sees ten Burmese soldiers, he kills them, and as Genocide then follows him, he kills twenty Genocide soldiers, then Rambo sees Stacy, and she is alone, so he makes his move, but before she can make his move, Stacy gets captured by Burmese soldiers, and he tries to rescue her, but abandons the idea, and as he then tells the Genocide, they don't believe him, and as he shows them where she is, they then decide to help Rambo get her, and free her, so then as the General is about to shoot Rambo, he stops, and decided to help him.

Meanwhile, Stacy is happier there then with the Genocide, and as she is elected General in seconds, Rambo and the Genocide storm in and start a war between them, and as Genocide almost lost, they then won by killing Than Thwe, and as Rambo then is friends with them, he then marries Stacy five years later.

In the after-credit scene, the General kills himself by jumping off a cliff and hitting his head a piece of sharpened metal.

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