Ratchet: Deadlocked 2: Warrior Across Galaxies is a Game that Proceeds Ratchet Deadlocked. In this Game Ratchet gets called into war and Ends up the General of the Veldin Army Resistance.



Ratchet- Start- Arena Battles, Platforming

Clank- Start- Platforming

Drek- Start- Ship Battles

Qwark- Level 10- Platforming 2D

Mr. Mr. Man- Start- Ship Battles

ShellShock- Level 7- Arena Battles

Doomhead- Level 12- All


Anti-Ratchet- Level 5

Klunk- Level 8

Drak- Start

Qwaurk- Level 15

Mrs. Mrs. Woman- Level 13

ShockShell- Level 13

Apocalips- Level 19

The Anniahlator- Level 20

Sinister- Level 21


Level 1: Veldin Moon- Ratchet- Defeat all Enemies

Level 2: Anialation Nation- Clank- Boss- Klunk- Defeat Klunks Powermobile- Unlock Multiplayer Race

Level 3: Veldin Moon Orbit- Drek- Defeat all Enemy Ships- Unlock Multiplayer Ship Battle

Level 4: Aniallation Nation- ShellShock- Defeat Mr. Mr. Man- Unlock Multiplayer Battle

Level 5: Veldin Moon- Ratchet- Boss- Anti Ratchet- Unlock Anti Ratchet in Multiplayer Mode

Level 6: Anialation Nation- Ratchet- Defeat all Gladiators

Level 7: Anialation Nation- Clank- Boss- ShellShock- Unlcok ShellShock in Multiplayer Mode

Level 8: Veldin Forrest Observeatory- Clank- Get to the Secret Computer- Unlock Klunk in Multiplayer Mode

Level 9: Veldin Moon Base- Ratchet- Find the Main Termanel Computer

Mini-Game #1: Computer Challenge- Clank- Stop the Virus

Level 10: The Big Astroid- Qwark- Cover your Trakes- Unlock Qwark in Multiplayer Mode

Level 11: Anialation Nation- Qwark- Defeat the Gladiators

Level 12: The Big Astroid- DoomHead- Defeat all Ships- Unlock DoomHead in Multiplayer Mode

Level 13: Veldin Orbit- Mr. Mr. Man- Boss- Mrs. Mrs. Woman- Veldin- ShellShock- Boss- ShockShell- Unlock ShockShell

Level 14: Veldin Arena- Ratchet- Boss- Anti Ratchet

Mini- Game #2: HangGlider- Ratchet- Get out of the Arena

Level 15: Veldin- Qwark- Find Qwaurk- BOss- Defeat Qwaurk- Unlock Qwaurk

Level 16: Veldin Moon Orbit- Drek- Boss- Defeat Drak

Level 17: Veldin Forrest- Ratchet- Find Clank

Level 18: Veldin Forrest- Ratchet & Clank- Escape the Annialtor

Level 19: Anialation Nation- Ratchet- Defeat all Gladitors and Apocalips- Unlock Apocalips

Level 20: Anialation Nation- Ratchet- Boss- The Annilator- Unlock The Annialator

Mini-Game #3: Galxy Raceway- Drek- Get to Anialation Nation

Level 21: Anialtion Nation- Resestance- Get out of Anialation Nation- Boss- Anti Ratchet- Boss- Sinister- Unlock Sinister

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