Ratchet & Clank: Gladiators is another Game where Ratchet and Clank are at Anialation Nation. This Game Feaures No Villain but you can Play as all of the Gladiators Earn Bolts Get New Weapons and Destroy Whatever you want.


Ratchet- OmniWrench 20000

Clank- Blaster

Chain Blade- Chain Blade

B2 Brawler- Hyper Blaster

Arachnoid- Lightning Vox

MegaPede- Cannon

Gary- Missle Tube

Helen- Electro Whipe

Scorpio- Flame Thrower

Terrors of Tallos- Hyper Erupter

Shell Shock- Shocker

Reactor- Molten Blaster

Eviserator- Sound Blaster

Ace Hardlight- Shatter Blaster

Gleemon Vox- OmniWrench 35000

Mungo- Octo Bitz

Blargian Snagglebeast- Lava Blast

Romulus Krag- Hook Blaster


Veldin- Ratchet's Garage

Zell- Clank's Manufacturer

Sarnu- Grogy Swamp

Sarnu- Jarnik City

Joba- Grag Forrest

Joba- Electro Waters

Anialation Nation

HolyStar Studios

Nezzer- War Robot Factory

Tarra- Zenon Beach

Rotos- Lava Pit

Jerey Zozos- Pirate Ship



Defeat all Enemies- 2000 Boltz

Defat All Enemies- 4000 Boltz

Defeat Clank- 10,000

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