Ratigan's Gang are a group of gangsters. They are Ratigan's minions and the supporting villains in The Dark Side of Nimh. All of them are mice. But One of them is a Lizard. The Gang joined up with Ratigan to take over the hundred acre wood. But in the battle at The Stone Aged Castle - They have been foiled by Woody Buzz and their friends.

  • Character Information

  • Personality - greedy. rude.

  • Goal - Invade the 100 Acre Wood

  • Friends - Their Boss Ratigan. Each Other. Nimh. Fidget

  • Enemies - Elizabeth Brisby. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. Justin. Jeremy the Crow. Timmy. Martin. Teresa. Cynthia. Hamm. Rex the Dinosaur. Baloo. Bagherra

  • Likes - gambling. stealing. beer. smoking

  • Dislikes - losing money

  • Fate - Scared away by Bagheera who roared at them and they ran out of the stone aged castle (Then gets arrested).

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