The Ravagers are a race of sea-dwelling aliens originating from the Cancer constellation.

History Edit

The Ravagers are supposedly the largest of the non-enslave alien races, although they remain more so on Brute Strength, like most enslaved races, and less so on Intelligence. They are much like a larger, and stronger, although less, intelligent version of Drones, but like all the races of The Zodiac, they are intelligent enough to form strategies, and operate weaponry, aswell as learn about their enemy.

Physical Statistics Edit

Ravagers stand nearly 10 feet tall and weigh over 10,000 pounds in their armor. Out of their armor they are described as crab-like, and powerful. They can deliver a punch of nearly 100 tons of force, and run clean through steel and concrete in it. Their environment was mostly under alot of pressure, since their planet was described as 89 % liquid, so they cannot survive without alot of pressure so they must wear a pressure suit, which operates via a cooling generator on their chest. If it is damaged too much, their suit will overheat, and explode.

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