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Shinju clan


2256 ASC

Physical description


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Eye color


Weapon of choice

Shuriken, dagger, bow, dao swords, spear,...

Chronological and political information



Shinju clan


The Lord of the Shinju Clan




Raven (The Assassin War) is a fierce assassin from the fanon Avatar: The Assassin War, serving under the Lord of the Shinju clan. She has been given the task to kill the Avatar.

History Edit

Nothing is known about Raven's past, as she refuses to talk about it. But we do know that she got her tattoo at a very young age.

Killing the Lord of the Kiku clan Edit


Raven puts up her cape to enter the fortress

After almost making a vital mistake by letting a spy almost get away with valuable information, Raven left for one of her routine missions: killing the lord of a fairly small clan. She and Gengi took quick care of the guards at the outer gate, and together, they snuck in. Then , while Gengi was provided some distraction, Raven maked her way to the Lord's personal chambers. When she was there, she could, after killing his personal guards, easily get rid of th Lord. But, while she was cutting, some guards entered, and she had to conceal herself. Because she wasn't allowed to kill them all, she had to use a smoke bomb, which gave the guards proof the Lord was murdered.

After a hasty escape out of the fortress, Raven had to meet her lord. Raven was scared that her lord would kill her, but instead he gave her another task: killing the Avatar. Raven was surprised by this, and immediately set out to gather information.

Hunting the Avatar Edit

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