Wheatley: "Do a Bloody Barrel Roll!!!"

Rabbid: "Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!"

Wheatley: "Never mind, keep doing what you're doing."

Raving Rabbids: Video Game Testing is a 'Rabbid/Portal/Any Video Game Collection' Wii Game. It involves GLaDOS trying to see what would happen if Rabbids invaded video games? Well, She captured 12 Rabbids and transported them into a Wii.


The Story starts where a box is seen. Then 12 Rabbids pop out, but with helmets. Suddenly, The Rabbids get sucked into the helmets that were connected to a Wii

The Next Day, A Test Subject come in and is informed to play the Wii with Rabbids inside. The Subject has to play Wii, WiiWare, and Virtual Console Games with Rabbids.

All of a Sudden, Wheatley crashed into GLaDOS's Chamber and almost got killed by her. But, Wheatley got over his evil ways and wanted to help with tests by showing his favorite collection of video games. One of those games is Conker's Bad Fur Day. And when you beat his game, Conker gets mad and tries to get revenge. Now, the only people that can stop him is The Test Subject, and the Rabbids.



With 6 files, the player must choose 1 of those files where he/she will have fun with only 2 Rabbids and customize each one.

  • The Test Subject (Your Mii)

When you start a file, you must choose a Mii to play as. He/She is the one being tested with video games.

  • The Rabbids

When you start play on one of the files, you get to play with 2 of the rabbids. You can mess around with them, customize them, do anything with them. you control them in each game.


  • GLaDOS

GLaDOS: "You wouldn't believe how many Wii Points I saved for testing."

She is the one we are being tested on. She appears in Portal 1, and 2. She believes that Rabbids develop slight changes in different ways. So, she puts them in a wii.

  • Wheatley

Wheatley: "Why not I show you my collection of games?"

He's the core seen in Portal 2.

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