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Rayman: Invasion is a (fake) video game on Wii, PlayStation Move, and Xbox kenect. Its story happens after Rabbids Go Home. The main goal is to stop varyous evil forces. The story takes pace after also; Super Mario Galaxy 2, Sonic Colors, Patapon 3, Conker: Live and Reloaded, etr.

Story ModeEdit

The game starts when Rayman and Globox are having a race. Rayman wins, and then a mesteryous black cloud starts to cover the whole glade and valley. When Rayman goes to his house and starts to watch his TV, he hear's a knock, and he is serprissed when the tensses cover him in iron, then stab him. Then he automaticly finds himself in a graveyard. Aperently, things sillimar happened to other hero's. Rayman finds Hero, who is holding a bag. Tails is next to him. Hero says "Take a handful" and opens the bag revealing magic grains. soon, there was tons of tribes. The player crontrols Raymans tribe. Soon they find the last evil spirit, Darkman. When they defeat him, they go back to their lands and everyone but Rayman lives as normal, and Rayman is atacted by the villagers again, and he notices two figures resembling Darkman and Queen Karma. A "TO BE CONTINUED" sign apears.

Multi ModeEdit

An amount of 50 tribe characters are avalable to use against others. in Story Mode Meden is heard saying "Don't worry, we come back again with... MAGIC" and dissapears. This is true.


  • Two bonus tribes are found, one is the oogie tribe, the other is the Toad tribe, both exclusive to PlayStation Plus.
  • A sackboy dummy is seen as a punchbag named Demon9, name from Demon9991

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