Rayman Fightings is a fighting based on Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. The game is akin to the Smash Bros. series.


All the enemies from the Origins and Legends are teaming up to destroy the Glade of Dreams. it's up to Rayman and friends to stop them.


Icon Character Costumes Rival
Ray Rayman

Globox Rayman

Bad Rayman


Glo Globox

Red Globox



Toad Knight
Gre Green Teensy


Ninja Teensy

Got Goth Teensy

Teensy Ray


Teensy Wizard

Gra Grand Minimus

Fire Teensy

Ice Teensy

First Grand Minimus

Baby Dragon Chef
Yak Yak-Strong (Fan-name) Betilla Darktoon

More characters soon...

Stage Home to...
Jibberish Jungle Rayman
Desert of Dijiridoos Globox
Gourmand Land Grand Minimus
Sea of Serendipity

Green Teensy

Mystical Pique Goth Teensy
Moody Clouds Robot
Land of the Livid Dead Yak-Strong

More stages soon...

Game Modes

Battle Mode

Choose your character and stage and battle with friends or CPU's.

Story Mode

Play a original story with all new locations and bosses.

Arcade Mode

Play through a ladder of different opponets in their home stages and reach to the top.

Online Mode

Play with other people around the world in battles.

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