Rayman Returns
Story Mode levels 6 3D levels, an extra level
Villains Mr.Dark, Razor beard, Rabbids, G.F Doom
side kicks 2 campers, Globox, Razof, Teensie no.122
Genres Action, Comedy
preceded Rayman Tripe Troubled
Platforms Wii, PS3, Xbox, PC

Rayman Returns explans the events of Rayman Triple Troubled

Voice actors

Rayman~David Gasman

Globox~Jhon Leguizamo

Razor beard~Chris Collet

Teensies~Matt hill

G.F Doom~Sean Schemmel

Mr.Dark~Marc Thompson

Ly~Karen Strassman


After the Rabbids took over the rayman franchise Rayman is like how he is in the beging then Globox (his old friend) finds him and shows him to the fairy concail and they think he's a fake he meats up with Ly(his old friend) and soon finds out that a ghost named Ghost Fantom Doom or G.F Doom is bringing Mr.Dark back to life Rayman has to stop G.F Doom before it's to late


  1. Sping montian forest
  2. Candy Chateau
  3. The ghost room
  4. Base Ruins
  5. Land of the living dead
  6. The Ghost Fantom Tower (past)
  7. The ghost fantom Tower (present)
  8. Razor beard's ship
  9. The final Matrix


  1. ???
  2. Seregi's gaint robot
  3. King G.F
  4. Seregi
  5. Mecha squid
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. G.F Doom
  9. (extra) Grolgoth Mk II
  10. Mr.Dark's Danger Dare (final boss)

Mini Games

  1. (extra) Grocery Scramble
  2. ???
  3. Chasing Dark Rayman
  4. ???
  5. Showdown with Razof
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. Chasing G.F Doom/Chasing Mr.Dark
  9. ???
  10. Mr.Dark's Danger Dare (part2)


Rayman 3- a plum01:05

Rayman 3- a plum

Grocery Scramble

Pac Man World 2 Soundtrack - B-Doing Woods03:00

Pac Man World 2 Soundtrack - B-Doing Woods

Spring leaf forest

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