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Rayman Triple Troubled
Main theme Fireflies
Story Mode levels 2 3D levels, 2 2D levels, 1 boss level, 1 Globox level, and 1 bolder level
Villains Mr.Dark, Razorbeard, Rabbids
Genre(s) Adventure, Action, Comedy
Playable characters Rayman, Globox, Mr.Dark
Platforms PS3, Wii, PC, Xbox

You might also be looking for the backstory to this game called Rayman Returns

Voice actorsEdit

Rayman~David Gasman

Globox~Jhon Leguizamo

Teensies~Matt hill

Razorbeard~Chris Collet

Mr.Dark~Sean Cullen


Mr.Dark, Razorbeard and the rabbids are teaming up. The game starts when Rayman is tricked into signing a contract that states Mr.Dark is under control of the 1'000 lums of the world he soon finds out that Razor beard and the rabbids were tricked into helping him with his plan Rayman and Globox are back help him destroy Mr.Dark

Owl City - Fireflies03:54

Owl City - Fireflies

Main theme


  1. Begeners forest
  2. Gravidy Groundup
  3. skyscraper scrapble
  4. Razorbeard's ship
  5. Mr.Dark's base
  6. Summit beyond the clouds
  7. Island shortcut
  8. The fairy concil
  9. The core (aka Inside the 1'000 lums)


  1. Henchmen 800
  2. Rabbid's gaint robot
  3. The Heckler
  4. Henchmen 1000
  5. lava monster
  6. Globox Girl
  7. Seregi
  8. Reflux

(the core has three bosses the last being the final boss)

  1. Grolgoth (razor beard)
  2. The Rabbids main ship (Rabbids)
  3. The coombination Monster (final boss)


Rayman 3 Music Clearleaf Forest04:37

Rayman 3 Music Clearleaf Forest

Beginers forest

Windmill Isle - Night02:58

Windmill Isle - Night

Gravity Groundup 2

Sonic Riders Music Extended - Egg Factory00:00

Sonic Riders Music Extended - Egg Factory

Skyscraper scramble 1

Skyscraper Scamper (Night) - Sonic Unleashed04:06

Skyscraper Scamper (Night) - Sonic Unleashed

skyscraper Scramble

(Razor beard's ship dosn't have a theme)

Rayman 3 music Swing Around 304:28

Rayman 3 music Swing Around 3

Mr.Dark's base

Rayman 3- the summit beyond the clouds02:11

Rayman 3- the summit beyond the clouds

Summit beyond the clouds

Rayman 3 Music The Long Shortcut01:31

Rayman 3 Music The Long Shortcut

Island shortcut

Rayman 3 music Outside the fairy council03:25

Rayman 3 music Outside the fairy council

The fairy council

The Beast02:57

The Beast

The core

Rayman 3 Music Final Flight (1,2,3,4)10:58

Rayman 3 Music Final Flight (1,2,3,4)

The coombination Monster (Mr.Dark) part1

Rayman 3 Music Bombing Run (1,2,3)04:22

Rayman 3 Music Bombing Run (1,2,3)

The Coombination monster (Mr.Dark) part 2

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