Raymond Valitori
Played by Norm MacDonald
Status Awaiting Trial
First Appearance "Boundaries"
Last Appearance "Boundaries"
Victims Lucy Harper (2006)

Andrea Farris (2012)

Role Rapist

Raymond Valitori is a supporting character in the Law & Order: Miami episode Boundaries. He is the rapist of Andrea Farris and Lucy Harper, Detective Colin Harper's sister.


Raymond Valitori is the rapist of Andrea Farris. It is revealed that he planned to attack her days before. As Valitori is investigated, Detective Harper reveals a secret about his connection with Raymond. About 6 years earlier, Raymond raped Harper's sister, Lucy. Although Colin caught Valitori in the act, he was never prosecuted due to lack of evidence. However, 6 years later, Raymond did not escape and was eventually caught by detectives and was later prosecuted.

Attempted Murder

When Colin couldn't hold in his rage any longer, he loaded up his sidearm and travelled to Valitori's house to confront him. Colin pulled out his gun and pointed it at Valitori, preparing to kill him. However, Dante arrived shortly after Colin got to Valitori's and stopped Harper from shooting Raymond. This action led to Harper being suspended for a week by Captain Griffith.

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