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Harry James Potter smiled sadly at his wife of sixty years, Ginevra Weasley Potter. Harry was laying on his deathbed, dying of the Dragon Pox. "So this is it", Ginny asked sadly at Harry. Harry nodded, as he wasn't able to speak. There was a ding noise, and Ginny turned around.

James Sirius, Albus Serverus, and Lily Luna Potter all entered into the dingy room. Lily was openingly crying, and so was Albus. James just looked sadly at Harry. The three of them walked up to husband and wife, taking in Harry for one more time.

Harry smiled sadly at his children, and they in return. He looked up at Ginny, and she understood. She bent down and kissed him one last time.

Harry was dead after two minutes and thirty-one seconds.

Meanwhile, in another alternate universe, Lily Rose Potter was screaming in pain as her baby was being pushed out of her. Healer George Jenkins was helping her deliver, and James was in the waiting room.

"Push, Mrs Potter, push harder", the Healer was commanding. Lily took a shaky breath, and then did exactly that. Soon, Harry James Potter was born, the moment the other Harry died.

Halloween, 1981

James Charles Potter was the most happiest man in the world. He had a beautiful loving wife, and a very adorable fifteen month old baby. The only thing that was dragging him down was that damn prophecy.

"James, Alice called. She wants me to visit", came his Lily's voice.

James nodded, and called out, "Sure Lily. Give me a kiss". Lily walked into the lounge and kissed him rather roughly. James moaned in pleasure, but Lily smirked and walked outside. She apparated away with a small POP.

James heard crying and was about to walk upstairs when another POP was heard. James looked out at the small window beside him, and his eyes widened. Lord Voldemort had arrived. Peter had betrayed them.

James rushed up to the nursery room, where the front door exploded. James quickly locked the door with his wand, and rushed to Harry, his son.

Harry was looking at him as if he knew what was happening. James knelt down, and he started to chant the words that he and Lily knew was blood protection.

"Harry be safe, be strong", he chanted these words for about eight times before the door simply literary ecploded, and James turned around.

"Hello, Potter", Voldemort said coolly and James turned around. He had his wand out, and he was going to fight to get out of this one.

"Avada Kedarva", James hissed, the sickly green curse going towards Voldemort. The curse missed, and Voldemort repeated the curse, this time strikeing James. James fell down, his eyes glassy and looking towards his son.

Harry started to cry, but Voldemort raised his wand at Harry, quieting the child. "Avada Kedarva", the curse hit Harry on the forehead.

However, due to the chants James give earlier, the curse bounced back and hit Voldemort, who was shocked that the killing curse had been reflected. He screamed out in pain, but thankfully for him, he couldn't die because of his horcruxes.

The Cottage simply exploded, and Voldemort's spirt fleed from the crime. Lily Potter, Frank Longbottom and Alice Longbottom would arrive later to the see the house in flames. Frank would then clear out the fire and pick up Harry.

Since Harry had to go to a blood relative with one of James' relatives, which was his cousin William Potter, Lily contacted him and told him what happened and if she and Harry could stay with him. He accepted, anything to help out James' family.

Chapter Two: Rare Intelligence

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