Red riding lion

Red riding Ultimo X.

Real Name Red Monkey
Height 3'0"
Weight Unknown
Resides Earth
Origin Earth
First Appearance Ultimo X
Species Mutated Monkey
Allies Ultimo X



Enemies Any of Ultimo X



Fighting Styles Unknown
Alignment Good

Red is a super enhanced intellegent monkey. He is a loyal friend of Ultimo X. He has been in all Ultimo X games.


Ultimo XEdit

In Ultimo X, Red made his first appearence in the Bio lab as a sex slave. Red poses many unique assests since he transformed the most is being super intellegent, talk, can stand on two feet, and having red fur.

Ultimo X II: The Star WarsEdit

(Coming Soon)

Ultimo X III: Love Lost InfernoEdit

Red Monkey's Robot

Red's Mecha suit.

In Love Lost Inferno, he jumps into Hell in order to help Ultimo X get his belovde Christina back from Satan. In game, he is always in his Mecha suit.

Ultimo X IVEdit

During the events Ultimo X and Raba were stopping Christina and Ryan's wedding, Red served as a caretaker for the very young Alucard Xcalibur kids.

Ultimo X VEdit

(Coming soon)


  • Super intellegent. Smarter then Albert Einstien.
  • Has been known to use guns. Like:
    • Magnums
    • AK-47s
    • Rocket Launchers
    • Turrents
    • Uzis
  • He also wields a knife, grenades and moltoves.

In Ultimo X FighterEdit

Battle QuotesEdit

  • This will be easy.
  • Come on.
  • Is that your best.
  • That was to easy.
  • At this rate, your going to not be defeating anybody.
  • My, my.


Ultimo X series

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