Red Hill is a 2010 zombie apocalypse horror film directed by Rob MacNamara and written by Jon Stiles. It is MacNamara and Stiles' first separate film from their popular Slasher College Roadtrip series. The film was released in the US in October 26th and released worldwide on November 3rd. Red Hill received positive to average reviews; as Rob MacNamara's other recent film Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest; and was praised for it's influence from George A. Romero and original story. It was awarded Best Zombie Film of 2010 by several sources.


The film circulates around the titular town of Red Hill; where waste disposal mogul Bob Newton (Tim Ashley); who has brought the town good luck by dealing with the former waste problems after arriving with his company RedCo. But the massive waste plant has caused the many homeless to transform into zombies and begin to gradually convert the employees of the plant. The head of plant security Sam O'Dailey (Josh Gregin) escapes the plant with several others including his fiancé Jen (Stephanie Mitchell) after the zombies lead a full length assault. Fleeing to the town they rendezvous with Sam's brother Mike (Andy Martin) and Jen's father Sheriff Paul (Peter A. North). As the zombies from the plant begin to enroach the town Bob Newton escapes to the town hall after his mansion is attacked and his wife Beth is taken. He pleads with mayor John Nate to quarantine the town so he and his entourage can escape. As he and the mayor debate about it the zombies attack the town hall and Bob notices his wife among them as he flees. The mayor tries to run with him but is dragged off by the zombies and devoured.

Meanwhile Sam, Jen, Mike, Paul and some others try to traverse the town to escape. As they head to the police station several of the townsfolk are killed and converted. Upon arriving at the station they assist the survivors there in quelling a zombie attack. Paul rendezvouses with some of his officers, including Jacobson and Rodriguez, and the survivors formulate a plan to escape Red Hill before it is completely overrun. They take a large convoy of vehicles and attempt to cross the border, in the process Jacobson and several others are killed when one of the vehicles explodes. The survivors nearly make it to the border until they are surrounded by thousands of zombies and begin to fight them off in a desperate bid to buy some time while Paul tries to contact more officers.


  • Tim Ashley as Bob Newton
  • Josh Gregin as Sam O'Bailey
  • Stephanie Mitchell as Jen
  • Andy Martin as Mike O'Bailey
  • Peter A. North as Sheriff Paul
  • Jeffrey Creed as Mayor John Nate


Shortly after completing filming for Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming in 1999, Rob MacNamara began writing a script for a new horror movie influenced by George A. Romero. He and long time collaborator and friend Jon Stiles went over the script and began searching for a cast and producer; but MacNamara decided to put the project on hiatus, instead focusing on Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill.

In late 2009 after finishing and releasing Slasher College Roadtrip VIII: Resurrection, MacNamara approached Jon Stiles about returning to the zombie script. He brought on Tim Ashley, who is famous for playing Bullethead in the Slasher College Roadtrip series to star. Ashley confirmed his participation in the film, commenting in a January 2010 interview that he was excited for the new and different role, and was eager to collaborate with MacNamara and Stiles again in a different project.

Red Hill

The promotional poster for "Red Hill", released in the USA. The film's rating has been changed in several countries due to its violence

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