Red Rose For Ruby is a metalcore/doom metal band from Melbourne, Australia, formerly known as Hellfire consisted of Michael Serea, Josh Baker, Kane Williams and Jake Bordeau. Following his death in 2006 Bordeau was replaced by Adriana Cassidy in 2007, in the new band Red Rose For Ruby. The current band consists of Michael Serea (vocals), Adriana Cassidy (lead guitar), Kayne Williams (bass guitar), and Josh Baker (drums). The band have released two albums. Burying My Beloved in 2007 and The Walls of the Insanity in 2009 under Australian label Fautline and have toured with fellow Australian metal band Daysend to support their album The Warning. The band is currently recording their third album "Burn Our Faith" set for an early-mid 2010 release. In an interview following the release of The Walls of the Insanity in 2009, the band stated album number three's theme is religion and faith. Following the release of Burn Our Faith in 2010, Red Rose For Ruby will headline Metal Oceania 2010 alongside Winter's Soil and Karnage-6.


Hellfire formed in 2004-2005, playing minor gigs in Melbourne and other locations in Australia, the group were almost disbanded after Bordeau, the guitarist, was killed in a car accident in 2006. The band, now consisting of Serea, Baker, and Williams dropped the name "Hellfire" to honour their dead friend, who had coined the name when they first started out. The three remaining band members began to search for a new guitarist before the band fell apart, and in early 2007 Adriana Cassidy, of the Brisbane band Satanika, joined the band after an auditon. Red Rose For Ruby was decided as the new name for the band, and Michael Serea says that the name "Ruby" comes from an old girlfriend of his. 2007 was a busy year for R.R.F.R. After getting Cassidy, shortly after the band was signed with Fautline and began work on their debut album. Burying My Beloved was released in September of 2007, and Red Rose For Ruby recieved acclaim from both the local and international music scene. Following an interview with MTV Australia in 2007 Serea stated the ideas around the album and its significance:

"The album (Burying My Beloved) is really about exploring our ideas and interests. The album centres around the loss of your beloved, and the songs on the album are just fucking real to us. Loosing Jake was a wake up call, and we needed to sort ourselves out."


Current members

  • Michael Serea – vocals (2005–present)
  • Adriana Cassidy – guitar (2007–present)
  • Kayne Williams – bass (2005–present)
  • Josh Baker – drums (2005–present)

Former members

  • Jake Bordeau – guitar (2005–2006)


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