Level 1: Trash Boat

Boss: The Urge

Attacks: Laser Shot

Giant Laser

Level 2: The Night Owl

Boss: The Night Owl

Attacks: Ice Blast


Level 3: The Christmas Special

Boss: Quillgin

Attacks: Present Toss

Gun Shot

Level 4: Benson Be Gone

Boss: Susan

Attacks: Punch

Building Toss

Level 5: Death Bear

Boss: Death Bear

Attacks: Lunge

Claw Swipe

Level 6: Rage Against the TV

Boss: The Hammer

Attacks: Punch

Jump Kick

Level 7: Grave Sights

Boss: Howard Fightington

Attacks: Punch

Javelin Toss

Level 8: Camping Can Be Cool

Boss: Stag-Man

Attacks: Charge

Arrow Shot

Level 9: Fool Me Twice

Boss: Mitsuru Shinerera

Attacks: Long Arm Punch

Shockwave Punch

Level 10: Exit 9B

Boss: Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.

Attacks: Kick

Laser Shot

Level 11: Death Punchies

Boss: Rigby

Attacks: Punch

Death Block

Level 12: Starter Pack

Boss:Muscle Man

Attacks: Run


Level 13:Terror Tales of The Park

Boss: Halloween Wizard

Attacks: Punch

Rotton Eggs

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