Reincarnate (also known as The Night Chronicles: Reincarnate) is a 2011 Supernatural Thriller film sequel to the 2010 film Devil.

Reincarnate is written by Chris Sparling and directed by Daniel Stamm with M. Night Shyamalan once again producing and serving as a co-writer.

The film follows on from the Elevator tragedy of Devil and stars Zachary Bennett, Jordana Brewster, Stephanie Jacobsen, Brooke Satchwell, Mark Webber, Zachary Quinto, April Lee Hernandez, Jay Hernandez, Logan Marshall-Green, Chris Messina, Amerie and Charlie Hunnam.


Following from the elevator murders 12 strangers are elected to participate in Jury duty over the court case against Anthony Janekowski.

However a supernatural entity known as Abaddon the demon of the bottomless pit and a right hand man to the devil seeks out their souls.

Also the four involved in the case itself become the targets of the Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse and two alleged witnesses become the targets of the two faced demon Beezlebubb

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