Reswitched is a 1988 Academy Award Winning American Drama Thriller film classic.

Directed by Joel Schumacher
Produced by

Armon Milchan

Beau Flynn

Steven Haft

Written by

Ross Klavan

Michael McGruther


Julia Roberts,

Jeff Bridges,

Ed Helms,

Diane Lane,

Sidney Poitier,

John Malkovich,

Jonathen Brandis,

Natalie Portman,

Keanu Reeves

Music by Thomas Newman
Cinematography Bruce Logan
Editing by Stephen H. Burum
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) November 14, 1989

United States

Running time 103 min.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $6,200,000

It is written by Ross Klavan and Michael McGruther and directed by Joel Schumacher

It concerns a tale of deception and violence set against the innocent lives of two children.

The film stars Julia Roberts, Diane Lane, Jeff Bridges, Keanu Reeves, John Malkovich, Jonathen Brandis, Ed Helsm and Natalie Portman.

It marks the first feature film appearence of Natalie Portman, Cillian Murphy, Rashida Jones, Nick Swardson, Andrew Scott and Azura Skye.

The film secured An Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.


A brother and sister are placed in the care of abusive foster parents after their biological parents die in a bizarre untimely house gas accident.

Ultimatley the kids are saved by the help of a social worker named Lena Martin whom lost both her children in a terrible car accident brought on by a drunk driver and their estranged Uncle Peters Bentley.


  • Jonathen Brandis as Charles Bentley
  • Natalie Portman as Henrietta Bentley
  • Julia Roberts as Nancy Travis
  • Diane Lane as Social Worker Lena Martin
  • Jeff Bridges as Michael Bentley
  • Sidney Poitier as Neighbour Douglas Swarman
  • Denise Dowse as Neighbour Julie Swarman
  • Ed Helms as Uncle Peters Bentley
  • John Malkovich as Sheriff Lymons Gorman
  • Keanu Reeves as Lionel Travis
  • Rashida Jones as Teena Linkle
  • Cillian Murphy as Robert Capron
  • Andrew Scott as Jeremy Durton
  • Nick Swardson as Awkward Billy Green
  • Azura Skye as Jennifer Lonades


  1. Heartbreak Hotel- Elvis Presley
  2. That's Life- Frank Sinatra
  3. Tutti Fruitti- Little Richard
  4. Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On- Jerry Lee Lewis
  5. Black Slacks- Sparkletone
  6. Crazy Lovin- Johnny Carroll
  7. Hey Pretty Baby- Colin Cook
  8. Walking After Midnight- Imelda May
  9. Flip Flop and Fly- Wild Rooster
  10. What Did I Do Wrong- The Weeknights
  11. The Whip- The Frantics
  12. Too Far Out- The Impacs

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