Harry Potter: James and Lily Potter are alive. Grey Harry/Ginny


James Potter screamed as the most horried curse in the history of magic hit him again, and again. He wondered where Lily and Harry had gotten to.

He heard Voldermort laugh as he fell into a deep sleap. He was helpless.

Meanwhile, Lily Potter picked up her son Harry and she heard laughing. James had been killed, and she let down a tear from her eye.

The Door blasted open, and Lily could only scream as Voldermort stepped in. "Hello Lily. Can You hand Harry over to me", he asked, coldly.

Lily backed away, still holding Harry. She was Pregnant, and she didn't want Harry or the baby to be hurt or die.

"Please, Not Harry", Lily begged. "Stand aside, you foolish girl", Voldermort laughed.

"Please", she begged. "Fine". Voldermort raised his wand at Lily. Lily's eyes widened. She would lose Harry and then her baby.

"Imperio", Voldermort said, and Lily heard the words. Give Me Harry. She should give him Harry. In Fact, she liked giving people to Harry.

Lily walked to Voldermort and gave him the baby. Voldermort stopped the curse, and Lily gasped when she saw Voldermort holding Harry.

"Please, i beg you", Lily whispered. "Avada Kedarva", Voldermort shouted, and Lily screamed as the the curse hit Harry.

Then the unthinkable happened.

The Killing Curse bounced off Harry, and hit Voldermort, who screamed in agony. Lily collapsed as Voldermort disapeared, leaving only his coat.

Lily stared in shock, until she heard the screams of Harry. Was it possible. Or was she just hearing things.

Lily shakingly stood up, and saw Harry sobbing. However, her eyes stared up at his forehead. He had a scar shaped like a lighting bolt. Harry James Potter, was the boy who lived.

Lily picked up Harry, and smelled smoke. She relised the cottage was in flames. She put the fire out, and sent her patronus to Siruis.

To her horror, it wasn't a swan that flew out of her wand. It was a monster, something she didn't know the speices off.

"Siruis, Peter Betrayed, James i think he is dead, Harry alive", and the monster flew off. Lily walked downstairs, and saw James awake. He was crying.

"Lily", he shouted, and he jumped up and kissed Lily on the lips. He saw Harry. "What is that", he asked. Lily told him.

"No", and both wept, and the door opened, and Siruis rushed in. "Thank Goodness you's are alright", he said.

"What about Peter", Lily asked what seemed like hours later although it was only minutes.

"We will tell the world what really happened, then flee the country with Remus", James said. Siruis nodded.

"Come on".

Chapter One

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