Return of An Old Friend is the 44th episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.

  • Plot

One day - Pooh Bear went to visit Mickey Mouse in town. But when he reached Mickey's house - there was a note. It said that some weasel soldiers captured Mickey and took him to the spooky forest. Pooh set off to find him.

In the spooky forest - Pooh fought his way through danger and found a fortress. Inside the fortress - Pooh found Mickey locked in a cage. They worked together to grab a key and unlocked the cage. Meanwhile - They saw Minnie Mouse who had been captured by Pete. Pooh and Mickey saved Minnie and ran out of the fortress. Pete soon got caught by Lord Congo a humanoid lion who is furious that Mickey escaped. Congo decided to go after him himself. He plotted to have Mickey's heart and cook it.

The next day - Mickey Minnie and Pooh were resting on a mountain. But Lord Congo came out of nowhere and chased them to a waterfall. Mickey and Congo fought. But as they fell into the water - Congo fell backward off the waterfall and Pooh pulled Mickey to safety.

At Bonnie's house - Pooh Mickey and Minnie visited Woody and Buzz and they told them about their mission.

  • Triva

  • Minnie Mouse appeared in this episode

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