Colan Jefferies Jackson Jr. mostly known as Reverend Jackson is a character in the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. He is a 56-year-old African American minister from Chicago, Illinos who was transferred to the Rose Beach Christain Church after he was discovered to be hoarding donation money from the church. Reverend Jackson is an alchoholic but refuses to admit it. Despite his own problems he often scolds others about their sins. He stands at six feet in height and often wears a black suit and a black top hat. He constantly speaks loudly as he is so used to preaching.

In "Reverend Jackson's Prediction" he predicts the end of the world. He is later arrested and sentenced to 700 years plus life in prision by Judge Lewis.

He appears to smoke marijuana as in "iMatt" Jerrick makes a marijuana delievery to a house at which he answers the door.

He once owned a station wagon which was stolen in "Gran Turosemo."


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