"Reverend Jackson's Prediction"

Nick and Jerrick








July 8, 2011

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Featuring: Nick Lagory, Jerrick Washington, Reverend Jackson

Also Featuring: Suzy, Barnabé Ricard, Marthe Ricard, Anne-Elisabeth Ricard, Kyle Robinson, Matt Baker, Kat Baker, Seok Song, The Crip Cousins, Judge Lewis, Chief Howard


Main Plot: Nick is sitting in the apartment watching television when Jerrick storms in boasting that the world is going to end this upcoming Saturday. Nick tells Jerrick shut up but Jerrick doesn't. Jerrick turns the television to the Rose Beach news where a man by the named of Reverend Jackson is being interviewed by the news reporters. Reverend Jackson claims that he has biblical evidence that the world will end on Saturday. According to Jackson the rapture will occur followed by a gargatuan tsunami which will strike at 6:00 a.m EST. Jerrick believes Reverened Jackson's prediction but Nick immediately catches on that it is a scam when he sees a sign behind Reverend Jackson that reads: "Send donations to the Rose Beach Church if you want to survive". Nick decides to merely wait and see if Jerrick will catch on but Jerrick doesn't. Soon the news about the impending apocalypse spreads throughout the whole town and there is widespread panic.

The citizens of the town start looting for whatever supplies that they may need. Meanwhile, Jerrick builds an underground shelter which he thinks will protect him from the tsunami. Jerrick then lights up a joint of marijuana and smokes it as he thinks it will be last. The looting in the streets of Rose Beach, Florida gets out of hand as people are trampeled by the looters. The Ricard family and the Clip Brothers, to no surprise, can be spotted amongst the looters. Meanwhile, Reverend Jackson is spotted trying to leave Rose Beach, Florida when he is suddenly tackled to the ground by Chief Howard who also figured out what he was planning. Chief Howard and Reverend Jackson fight and Nick Lagory jumps in to help Chief Howard. Eventually Reverend Jackson is subdued and taken into police custody. Saturay eventually comes and the town is in ruins. The survivors of the riots have hidden in wait for 6:00 a.m. When six 'o' clock in the morning arrives nobody is raptured and there is no tsunami. Several hours later Reverend Jackson appears in court where he is sentenced to 700 years + life by Judge Lewis.

Sub Plot: With a suppose apocalypse coming Matt Baker and Kat Baker decide to prepare for Armageddon, the final fight against the devil. Matt Baker and Kat Baker look to Seok Song, an old Taekwondo master for training. Seok Song reluctantly agrees to train the duo and things quickly go horribly wrong. The riots going on outside in the town constantly distract Matt and Kat Baker which makes teaching them more difficult for Master Song. Eventually Master Song decides to give up on Matt and Kat and throws the duo out of the window of his apartment and into the riots below.


  • Nick Lagory: "Reverend Jackson admit it! Your nothing but a jacka** and that your a criminal who commits fraud, and exploits people through the church system to make money."
  • Reverend Jackson: "Okay I admit it. I'm nothing but a jacka**."
  • Chief Howard: "You have the right to remain silent because your going straight to hell."
  • Judge Lewis: "Reverend Jackson are you aware that the charges brought up against you are very serious that your mama's mama's mama's mama's mama's mama would be ashamed of you?"


  • The plot of the episode is based off of the predictions of Harold Camping which claim that the world would end on May 21, 2011 (which it didn't).
  • Reverend Jackson appears to be accquited of his charges (or given a shorter, much more reasonable sentence) as he appears in later episodes of the series.

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