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Rick Weiss is a playable character within the Fanmade video-game Dragon Ball Storm Hurricane.He is currently allied with the world tournament fighting group known as Team Bladestorm,a group in which he has founded alongside Jordan Shepard.




Powers & Abilities

High Power Level:

Master Hand to Hand Combatant:

High Intellect:

Becoming A Saiyan

After he and bladestorm team collected the seven dragonballs,he wished to become a saiyan,so as to ascend a level of power to truly fight on par with the universes mightiest warriors.

Tailed Form:

Great Ape Form:

Super Saiyan:

Super Saiyan 2:

Attacks & Techniques

Energy Based

Destructo Shuriken:

Super Destructo Shuriken:

Hand to Hand Based


"Im somewhat glad.While my comrades are within my presence,i cannot allow them to see the true nature of my powers...make no mistake.You're destiny was decided the moment you met me"

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