""Mis viejos amigos, ¿por qué has hecho esto? Yo sólo quería proteger a nuestra gran ciudad ...." (My old friends, why have you done this? I only wanted to protect our great city....)"
—Ricos to Espanezo and Valgiari as they kill him

Ricos de la Potente (1490-1540) was the El duque de Alto del Consejo de España (The Duke of High Council of Spain) in Madrid, and a notable political figure. He worked with Espanezo and Valgiari in Madrid restoring the city from its severe crime, before the two became templars and decided to betray him. Espanezo and Valgiari go to the Palacio de la Diputación to meet with Ricos, where they stab him to death before Nieto can arrive to save him. The assassin kills the two murderers at the Palacio.


  • Ricos' full name means "The Powerful Rich"
  • It is hinted that following the deaths of Espanezo and Valgiari, his son Hijo de la Potente became the El duque de Alto del Consejo de España.

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