Unsolved Mystery was a fan fiction based on the mythology of the TV series Sliders but featuring entirely original characters. It began as a simple joke post by the user known as "spindoctor" on the now-defunct Universal Studios Sliders NetForum on Dec. 16, 1996. User "Lexie" took him up on the joke, and after several posts in character, they realized that they were on to something. They switched from first-person comments to a prose third-person narrative. Eventually, others joined the story, and the characters called themselves "Rifters" to differentiate themselves from the original sliding group.

The story ran for several years and even had a short-lived spinoff called "The Portal."

The purpose of this wiki is to archive the stories and also to provide a place to correct grammatical errors. There were multiple writers for the series, some better at grammar at others. Yes, I can make those edits myself, but if anyone happens along these stories out of curiosity and would help me in the rather mammoth task of editing the grammar, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you're one of the original authors of the story whom I've lost touch with over the years -- spindoctor, nekka, Mina, Justin or others -- please send me a message! I'd love to hear from you and find out what's been going on in your lives!

Thanks in advance,

-- Tom_H12 (the creator of the Wrong Arturo character)

P.S. This series is not in any way related to the TV series Unsolved Mysteries. If you're looking for information on that series, please look elsewhere. Thanks!
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Characters (in order of appearance)Edit

Lexie Richards
Nekka Mallory
Mina Skywalker
Wrong Arturo
Justin Warren
John Ransom


Unsolved Mystery: Season One
Unsolved Mystery: Season Two
Unsolved Mystery: Season Three
Unsolved Mystery: Season 4, Episode 1
Unsolved Mystery: Season 4, Episode 2
Unsolved Mystery: Season 4, Episode 3
Unsolved Mystery: Season 4, Episode 4
Unsolved Mystery: Season 4, Episode 5
Unsolved Mystery: Season 4, Episode 6

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