Yoruichi Cat

Rikku's Zodiac Form

Name: Rikku Sohma

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Cursed Year: Cat

Real Year: Rat

Relatives: Haku Sohma (Mother), Kusa Sohma (Aunt), Taiga Sohma (Uncle)


Rikku Sohma is the main Protagonist of the series. Rikku used to live with her mother (Haku Sohma) until she died of gunshot wounds. It is unknown of who her father is. Desperate to find a way out of living in a foster home, Rikku looked through old letters and family photo albums for any existince of living relatives. She found one letter that dated back to the day after she was born that was from Haku's sister (That Rikku didn't know about) Kusa Sohma. After tracing Kusa to Tokyo, Rikku found that she had a whole clan of lving relatives. Rikku hates the rain but loves swimming or relaxing in a spa. She loves fish and milk but hates mice.

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