Harry Potter: Harry Is Raised By Voldemort. A Dark Prince Is Born. HP/GW

Chapter One

James Potter awoke to the feeling of a very bad headache, and for good reason. The last thing he remembered was opening the door to Peter Pettigree.

Peter. Suddenly, James quickly jumped up and rushed up the stairs. He couldn't believe he got stunned by Peter, of all people.

He did not hear the sounds of his child laughing, or crying, nor did he hear the sounds of his very loving life, Lily Evans-Potter.

James rushed into the nursery. They weren't there. He quickly rushed to the master bedroom. They weren't there.

"NO"! James roared, and he quickly threw in some Floo Powder and stuck his head in the fireplace. "Number Fourteen, Remus' Place".

Remus awoke to the sound of someone crying out his name, and he quickly rushed to the fireplace. "James, What's wrong?", Remus asked when he saw his friend's worried face.

"Remus, Peter...He's on Voldemort's side. He's took Harry and Lily, Remus. He took them". James was opening crying, and Remus could only gasp in shock.

Meanwhile, Lily Evans-Potter awoke and she could hear the sounds of her baby crying. She quickly went to get up, but relised she was tied up in a bed. She didn't know what was happening, and she struggled to get rid of the ropes.

She heard the door open, and she could only scream in horror as Voldemort stepped into the room. "Hello, Lily", Voldemort said coldly.

Lily stopped struggling. Her mother side kicked in. "Don't you dare hurt him, you bastard", Lily said quietly, almost a whisper.

Voldemort laughed. "Lily, don't you worry. Baby Harry is going to be my son now, and you are going to be the local babysitter", Voldermort laughed again.

Lily stopped struggling. If she played along, she could keep Harry safe. She looked up at him. "What if i refuse", she asked.

Voldemort smirked. "I will torture you, tickle you and then kill you, Mudblood. Then i will make Harry witness it all in a pensive when he's older".

Lily wondered if he was bluffing, but then she remembered the fact this was Voldemort she was talking about.

"What is the Prophecy", Voldemort asked. Lily told him the contents of the prophecy. "Very well. Oh, and i know what is going on your mind".

Before Lily could reply, Voldemort raised his wand. "Avada Kedarva". The curse hit Lily, and her eyes widened. Voldemort stepped out of the room.

"Salty". Salty the house elf, apparated to where Voldemort was. "Look after Harry", Voldemort commanded, and walked away. Salty picked up Harry, and all his clothes and the crib, and apparated to the nursery room in the mansion.

Meanwhile, Peter Pettigrew was looking at his wand. He had handed Harry to Voldemort, and he had just heard that Lily was dead. He raised his wand at his forehead, as if it he was commiting suicide. Should he, he asked himself.

"Avada Kedarva".

Chapter Two

Harry potter rocks

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