Robert Julian MacNamara (born. July 30th 1972 in Long Island, New York) is an American film director and film writer, best known for creating the Slasher College Roadtrip series with Jon Stiles and the Alien VS Predator film Alien vs. Predator vs. Jason.


Robert Julian MacNamara is of Irish, German, and Italian decent. He began his work in film in 1992, as a minor role on various low budget movie sets. He began penning the script for Slasher College Roadtrip in the summer of 1996, and contacted his friend Jon Stiles about creating the film. MacNamara has directed Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming in 1999, Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill in 2000, Slasher College IV: Blood Lake in 2002, and Slasher College Roadtrip V in 2004, before handing over directorial role to Michael Johannson, to focus on his critically acclaimed biopic of John Lennon, the 2007 John Lennon: Imagine. Robert directed the Alien VS Predator film Alien vs. Predator vs. Jason in 2008. He returned in 2008 to direct the 2009 prequel Slasher College Roadtrip VIII: Resurrection, with much acclaim. His latest project is a spinoff of Bram Stoker's Dracula, released in June 2010. The film was generally mixed reviews, but remains his highest rated film to date next to his John Lennon biopic. He once again teamed up with writing partner Jon Stiles to created Red Hill.

After Red Hill, MacNamara confirms he will return to direct a tenth Slasher College Roadtrip installment, which he plans to be the last. He said in a recent interview: "When I made the first movie, I had absolutely no intention of continuing it this long. I think the next one will be the last one". Rob has also stated that he plans to make a Red Hill 2, and, if it is good in the box office, will begin penning Red Hill 3. Rob also said that in the future, he plans to do another Alien Vs Predator film, possibly starring Dracula.




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