Robert Rodriquez Presents The Terrific Three is a 2012 Crime Comedy Drama Film part of the Back to Back Three films which were set up and written by famous eccentric screenwriter/directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez

Robert Rodriquez's presented production concerns Three Super Clean Golden Child Daughters out of six daughters whom harvest all the attention and money they can milk from the parents in oppose to the other three formerly misbehaved daughters of the family.

The other three neglected downshadowed daughters formulate a series of plans to ultimatley kill of their three detested spotlight hogging trio of sisters as an act of vengeance and ultimatley seize their parent's respect, money and attention.

The film is written, presented and produced by Robert Rodriquez as well as directed by Rodriquez's protegee director Michael Roberts.

The film stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Patrick Wilson, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Rodriquez, Electra Avellan, Elise Avellan, Alice Eve, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Vanessa Hudgens, Kieran Culkin, Taylor Kitsch, Paul Wesley, Tom Welling, Nicholas D'Agosto and Julianne Moore.

It features a cameo from actress Courtney Cox and from actor of the film Paul Wesley's famous Vampire Diaries supporting vampire brother actor Ian Somerhalder.

Emma Stone also makes a prominable cameo appearence in the film as writer Robert had heavily upon writing the script considered Emma for the part of one of the L Kensington Sisters.

The auditions which came in from Mary and Vanessa however sealed them as two of the sisters and Alice like Emma was considered from the script go but unlike Emma caught wind of Robert's interest to cast her and flew down for an audition which read just as he had hoped.


On the corner of Hispathoth Street 249 lives the Kensington Family.

A Prestigous rich family with both a reputation of good and a reputation of bad.

Good for three daughters of the family's amazing achievements and manipulation into high society and bad for three other daughters whom took to be rebellious youths and consequently broke many rules.

However the tide is about to change.

For the three golden child daughters are in for a battle as their hated sister rivals plan to kill off the backstabbing posh princesses.

With the help of a high class assassin (Julianne Moore) the three downshadowed sisters of the Kensington family whom have tried to revert their ways and have been framed into even worse situations and false accuasiations courtesy of their evil counterparts are to be wiped off the face off this earth completely.... well hopefully.

For as they three desperate to take action sisters discover murder is not as easy as it sounds and there's alot more at mistake then bad reputations.


The Ready to Shine Sisters

  • Michelle Rodriquez as Katrina Kensington
  • Electra Avellan as Kassidy Kensington
  • Elise Avellan as Kloe Kensington

The Ready to Die Sisters

  • Alice Eve as Lena Kensington
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lacey Kensington
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Lauren Kensington

The Bad Boyfriends

  • Taylor Kitsch as Justin Roberts
  • Tom Welling as Peter Abrahams
  • Nicholas D' Agosto as Adam Everrnart

The Good Boyfriends

  • Kieran Culkin as Jaiden Lucas
  • Ashton Kutcher as Parker Balance
  • Paul Wesley as Aiden Luviar

The Mother and the Father

  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Karen Kensington
  • Patrick Wilson as Lance Kensington

The Secret Therapist Overrated Assassin and Her Daughter

  • Julianne Moore as Lila Keating
  • Emma Stone as Lil Keating

The Ex Army

  • Taylor Hanson as Bikey Boy Billy
  • Tyler Hilton as Obsessive Omar
  • Cody Burger as Tamperer Ted

Other Cast Members in no organization or labelling

  • Mackenzie Astin as Drop Out Drug Smoker Jimmy who killed his brother Jeraldo
  • Diora Baird as Vice Principal Mahealy
  • Laure Linney as Principal Patricia Power
  • David Oakes as Janitor Jerkson

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