Universe Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Race Clavat
Gender Male
Style Cowlick
Trade Rancher
Age 17 (at beginning of story)
Hometown Riyu
Family Sherry (mother), Paul (father), Paulie (older sister), Mintie (younger sister), Hailey (wife), Kayla Hope (daughter)

Roc is a fan character in the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles universe and the fanfiction Pen and Paper. He hails from the fictional town Riyu and travels in a crystal caravan with his three friends Hailey, Kay Lee, Set Kil, and the moogle Hikari. He has a secret infatuation with Hailey but keeps his feelings to himself since he believes that Hailey does not feel the same way.

Character Design


Roc is a protective person who grows upset when anybody he cares about grows careless. He focuses his protection on Hailey and his family. Sometimes, though, he is viewed as over-protective, especially by Hailey. He is always the first to rush in when Hailey has been kidnapped.

Fighting Style

Roc's battle style is generally offensive. He fights with various swords and is always the first one to strike an enemy, whether or not it has attacked him first. He can cast few offensive spells but preferrs hands-on combat.